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    • Artificial honeycomb panels, especially Honeycomb Board Machine, are widely used in aircraft, trains, ships, and construction fields because of their advantages such as light weight, high strength, rigidity and excellent insulation performance. The density of the magnesium alloy is small and has some very obvious advantages over specific strength, specific stiffness, recyclability, etc., especially in reducing the weight of the components. Magnesium alloy honeycomb plate as a new type of metal honeycomb panel, to study its preparation technology and performance characteristics is necessary to enrich and expand the traditional honeycomb structure, has a broad application prospects.
    • The Honeycomb Board Machine consists of two panels and a honeycomb intermediate layer filled therein to ensure that the two panels are mated together. Table can use different materials: When the two panels are aluminum or steel, called aluminum Honeycomb Board Machines or steel Honeycomb Board Machines.
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    Wuxi City Yalian Honeycomb Machinery Plant founded in the year of 1999, it is one of the biggest and oldest factory in honeycomb machine and edge corner machine making field. Factory located in Jiangsu Wuxi city Yangshan Town, it is only 40minutes from Shanghai to Wuxi by express train. The transportation is very convenience. Yalian Honeycomb is one of the top level China pallet machine, punching machine, die-cutting machine manufacturers and suppliers, we are always able to offer you cheap and low price pallet machine with high quality. Our machine export to many countries and region: such as: Latvia, Belorussia, Japan, Czech, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt, Mexico, Bulgaria, Costa Rica and so on.
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