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Automatic Screen Printing Machine for Flexible Circuit Boards (CFX-6080)

Edit: Wuxi Yalian Honeycomb Machinery Factory    Date: Dec 05, 2016

Basic Info

Type:Vertical Screen Printing MachineStyle:Screen-process Printing Press
Structure:Flat-bed cylinder pressColor & Page:Single-Colour Printing Press
Application:printed CircuitPrint Interface:No Need
System Supported:No NeedApplicable Materials:Glass, Plastic, Film, Wood, Metal, Paper, Acrylic
Operation:Semi-AutomaticPrinting Surface:Flat
Max Printing Area:800*600mmTable Size:1000*700mm
Maximum Screen Size:1200*900mmPrinting Speed:1000 Times / Hour
Power Supply:380VDimensions:1100*1300*1700mm
Specification:iso9001Origin:Dongguan Guangdong China

Dedicated to the flexible printed circuit boards, as well as for hard printed circuit board wiring, solder mask, text, and hard surface materials in print job


The maximum printing area

The maximum table size

Maximum screen frame size

Print product thickness

Maximum print speed

Gas source

power supply

(1)Vertical Structure, Screen vertical lift with electric drive, Action around the print head with electric drive.
(2)PLC control circuit, Printing and screen movements using independent drive source.
(3)Pneumatic control printing turret lift, Photocell control cross-scratch stroke, independent adjustment.
(4)Set manual / semi-automatic / automatic three modes, Printing indirect time digital control.
(5)Individually designed head lifting device, Squeegee / return oil knife, easy handling and halftone screen clean.
(6)About two-column grid guide clamp arm, Install version from the adjustment device, easy to adjust.
2.Configuration instructions:
(1)Machine control using Xinje PLC controller, touch screen interface.
(2)Omron relay circuit Chint AC contactor, Taiwan's Yangming photoelectric eye switch.
(3) Printing using Taiwan Wanxin gear motor.
(4)Printing scraper, knife back to Mexico using the brand pneumatic components.
(5)Print about movement using Taiwan HIWIN (the silver) rail.
(6)Printing platen using suction stainless steel and Shanghai State-owned plant intake system.
3.Random distribution:
(1)Two scraper (400/600mm each set)
(2) A kit comprising: adjustable wrench, Allen wrench set, fork wrench
(3) A foot switch
(4)user's Guide

packing list:
1. Screen printing machine host
2. Two scraper (400 / 600mm each set)
3. The toolbox includes: adjustable wrench, Allen wrench set, fork wrench
4. a foot switch
5. Instructions

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