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Color tile press equipment operating instructions

Edit: Wuxi Yalian Honeycomb Machinery Factory    Date: Dec 25, 2015

Many customers using tile press equipment do not know, tile press operation is the most important in computer control box this one, today I tell you about

1, the pump switches used to control the start and stop the pump. Before running, please open the pump to provide pressure to the hydraulic system. After the pump operation, care should be consistent and arrow is the direction of the pump. If not, set the pump motor in three-phase power at any two for each other.

2, the next cut, the Back button is to control the cutter operation. If you press the cut, return buttons are invalid, the general should consider whether the hydraulic oil tank is too low, should not box to add hydraulic oil. Also cutter cut and return process, meet in front of the limit switch will automatically stop running.

3, forward and backward through the inverter control panel forward and reverse running, its speed can be high / low speed switch on the control panel. Be sure to put the speed switch to the high speed automatic operation.

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