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Color tile press the Maintenance Methods

Edit: Wuxi Yalian Honeycomb Machinery Factory    Date: Dec 25, 2015

Do not understand the structure and performance of the machine and procedures shall not start the machine. Shall not exceed the minimum shut height to work, that the bottom surface of the slide to the work of the surface height in the vertical minimum distance requirement 290㎜ after mold clamping, plus, plus thick crust top and bottom plate thickness of the tiles, must not exceed 290㎜, manufacturing mold this requirement should be designed to avoid the machine accidents. Always observe the sliding body height on both sides of the box and the lubricating oil. Equipment should always be clean, keep clean, not allowed to have water dirt.

Color tile press die on the stamping process: by the motor through a pulley, drive the input shaft, the pinion gear, drive shaft, drive up and down movement of the sliding seat is equipped with a mold through a cam mechanism, to achieve the press shoe. Indexing table is mounted on the shaft head gear, gear transmission deadbolt, toggle wheel mounted on a hexagonal shaft sheave to achieve indexing positioned on each end of the shaft is equipped with a mounted on the same shaft and pressing cam conjugate cam back, precise positioning by the positioning bar and the puck achieve lower mold in working position. When in the left and right sides of the chassis, fitted with lubrication pumps, machine work through tubing conveyed to all moving parts friction lubricants.

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