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Materials and pinch machine uses the advantages of three-dimensional

Edit: Wuxi Yalian Honeycomb Machinery Factory    Date: Dec 25, 2015

Three-dimensional molecular structure of the polymer material pinch machine in the flow process, when higher flow rates, the wall close to zero. This is due to the molecular chains along the direction of rotation, increase the intermolecular forces, the normal stress difference, and therefore, the center of the liquid level in the low temperature wall, the phenomenon called pole climbing shaft, also known as the normal stress effect. In the coaxial cylinder rheometer test, three-dimensional plate plate Cause Low molecular weight fluid due to the tension. The molecular weight of the polymer is high, high viscosity, the flexibility of the molecular chain, the greater the difference between normal stress, climbing pole phenomenon is more evident, the plastic will encounter a similar mix of rolling visco-elastic phenomena forming. The plastic molding material has a unique performance, for example, a good three-dimensional plate material extrusion, molding, scalability, spinning, sentence plasticity plastic. It is a variety of molding methods such plasticity plastic produced every kind of products, and access to a wide range of linear polymer long chain molecular structure, long-chain molecules runs through the other side, this overlap intertwined to form a so-called random coil structure. Long-chain molecules are very attractive, so that the performance of the polymer.

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