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Mounting Feature film's three-dimensional pinch machines

Edit: Wuxi Yalian Honeycomb Machinery Factory    Date: Dec 25, 2015

Three-dimensional pinch machine is a new type of indoor and outdoor decoration materials, but also has a certain three-dimensional effect, more value. The three-dimensional pinch machine modeling simple, stylish, with a three-dimensional effect, such use constitutes the best use of material now decorative effect.

Features three-dimensional pinch machine coated seed is maintained for decades without fading, discoloration, many colors, senses, and not James Gray good care. Japan and South Korea is one of the earliest of this new material developed ceiling material manufacturers, then the introduction of Taiwan and into the country. Initially this technology was first being used in the electrical surface decoration, making electrical look more beautiful and grade. When in 2000, he engaged in the development of Taiwan's keel ceiling ascent companies to use this technology transfer on aluminum ceiling, did not expect to achieve unprecedented success. As a kitchen ceiling material, it has a natural advantage: do not fade, do not fall off, no distortion, no fumes stick, easy to clean, beautiful fashion, resistant to moisture, anti-acid, and have a high price. Acceptable for most families, to the present, in the cities, it has become the preferred kitchen ceiling decoration.

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