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Select the best three-dimensional pinch machines and main applications

Edit: Wuxi Yalian Honeycomb Machinery Factory    Date: Dec 25, 2015

Three-dimensional pinch machine is receiving pure wood pulp paper added solid fillers and additives or wood pulp, bamboo pulp and paper and other raw materials muddied any one paper pulp material, molded pulp manipulate common set equipment, furnishings, mold production; by beating, slip casting, wet blank drying stereotypes, shaping ginning, nicks, before brushing paint or coating process before a treatment process before.

Mainly used for three-dimensional pinch outdoor door first, signs, cards can also be used to advertise. Or for the family living room TV backdrop, sofa backdrop bedroom wall, etc. home decoration, its characteristics with respect to the three-dimensional relief and other graphic wallpaper decoration materials, has better sound-absorbing insulation effect, is the auditorium, studio hall, recording studio and so ideal decorative wall panels. It is a great decoration of your choice.

Three pinch machine mainly for color steel panel stamping, molding, drawing, molding machinery and equipment. Custom processing can be all kinds of Color pinch-processing machine model specifications, etc. according to customer demand. Custom processing three-dimensional pinch mold equipment series uses the most advanced mold technology, using the best imported mold steel. Ensuring the life and quality of the mold.

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