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Three-dimensional board equipment installation brief

Edit: Wuxi Yalian Honeycomb Machinery Factory    Date: Dec 25, 2015

Popular three-dimensional board equipment is inseparable from advertising three-dimensional board equipment. Now a three-dimensional color steel plate not only low prices, high quality, and can make color variety, corrosion, wind, three-dimensional color steel plate easily deformed.

When you install a three-dimensional board equipment can not only vertical, horizontal installation, you can also install multiple angles, just with different keel can assemble the ideal deduction clearance. Advertising pinch of color variety, red, blue, dark blue, pink, white, brown, orange, pearl red, pearl black, black, brilliant yellow, sea blue, crystal green, green, light purple, dark gray, silver flash, flash gold, etc. in different colors. Just according to specifications, spacing, color, direction different design, you can mix different visual effects.

Three-dimensional plate equipment installation:

1, the two sides parallel to the keel side wall panel is pressed into the cracks.

2, then the keel installed in the wall or square tube frame, as described above each successive row keel is fixed.

3, until all the rows of the keel installed gradually withhold plate, to be adjusted once after every breasted ensure board formation, vertical seams.

4, to wear gloves when buttoned plate, prohibit the installation Remove the protective film.

5, the installation, such as the size of a deviation after adjustment should be thoroughly sequentially inserted inlay can not hard plug to prevent deformation.

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