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Three-dimensional pinch wall decoration design and decorative effect

Edit: Wuxi Yalian Honeycomb Machinery Factory    Date: Dec 25, 2015

Pinch is a new three-dimensional perspective wall decorative plates, can also be used for the ceiling and other parts. It is a new generation environmental protection wall decoration dimensional sheet China's independent intellectual property rights, also known as three d plate, three-dimensional decorative plates, English 3dboard, 3dwallflat, is a use of environmentally friendly materials, metal forming three-dimensional decorative plates.

Home to easily achieve the three-dimensional space decorative effect, creating a comfortable and elegant three-dimensional living space. Using three-dimensional pinch pure pulp paper added solid fillers and additives or wood pulp, bamboo and other mixed paper pulp raw material of any one of the paper pulp raw material, the use of general-purpose pulp molding equipment, mold production; after beating injection pulp molding, wet blank drying stereotypes, shaping ginning, nicks, brushing the surface coating or surface coating process in a surface treatment process to obtain a three-dimensional wallpaper.

Mixed softwood papermaking pulp is the main raw material, add natural fiber materials of paper pulp slurry hardwood, bamboo, reed pulp, cotton pulp or straw in one or more of the composition in softwood , water or tap water or deionized water was added at pH 7 the composition. 100% of the real environmental protection wall decoration green home plate.

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