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Honeycomb Wallboard Machine Low Cost, Good Cushioning Performance

Honeycomb paperboard uses the bionic principle, the honeycomb structure theory applied to the packaging material, with minimal material consumption, build a solid honeycomb structure, so that the honeycomb paperboard and its products are both durable and has a cushioning performance, has become the development potential of today's environmental Packaging materials, it is compared with corrugated board, wood and plastic, has an irreplaceable advantage. Honeycomb paperboard with paper and wood, 1 ton of Honeycomb Wallboard Machine can replace 30-50m³ of wood, while the cost is only one-third of the wood. The tray made of honeycomb paperboard has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, low cost and good cushioning performance. It can be used as a cushioning material to replace EPS foam plastic, eliminate white pollution and protect the natural environment. It is a kind of Of environmentally friendly new materials.

In recent years, with the people on the honeycomb paperboard excellent performance and environmental characteristics of in-depth understanding, and gradually as China's industrial products important packaging materials, its manufacturing technology, equipment and equipment level, market development and application has made great progress in China's packaging, building materials, furniture and other industries have been more and more widely used.

Honeycomb paperboard production process (bonding molding process) there are three main forms: stand-alone operation, unit operation and production linkage line. Stand-alone operating in China, some small honeycomb products production plant is still used, its production efficiency is low, the product quality is difficult to stabilize, only suitable for smaller manufacturers. At present, the honeycomb paperboard production line has become China's cellular cardboard industry, the mainstream production process, honeycomb paperboard production line is made of honeycomb core paper manufacturing equipment, honeycomb paperboard manufacturing equipment, paper cutter and other components. Honeycomb paperboard production line is generally divided into two processes, the first process is the manufacture of honeycomb hexagonal structure of the core paper; the second process is on the core paper on the lower layer made of Honeycomb Wallboard Machine, Honeycomb Wallboard Machine and post-processing quality Level is an important part of ensuring the quality of honeycomb products.

Honeycomb paperboard production line generally consists of seven single machine: put paper, honeycomb core paper stretch dryer, honeycomb core paper coating machine, Honeycomb Wallboard Machine composite machine, vertical cutting machine, horizontal cutting machine and electric control cabinet. There are two sets of paper towels, respectively, the supply of paper and the following paper. After the honeycomb core paper produced by the first process is released into the honeycomb core paper stretch dryer, the honeycomb core paper is stretched in a hexagonal grid shape and is patterned by a styling device. After drying and shaping, press the coating machine up and down, and then enter the Honeycomb Wallboard Machine composite machine (equivalent to the corrugated board production line in the double-sided machine). The paper and the core paper are dried and dried by the dryer and enter the compound machine. The paper and the core paper are tightly packed with the honeycomb paper in the composite machine, and dried and compounded into honeycomb paperboard during heating and pressing. Made of honeycomb paperboard into the vertical cutting machine and horizontal cutting machine (equivalent to corrugated cardboard production line in the cutting machine and crosscutting machine), according to the requirements cut into the required size.

Honeycomb paperboard production process

1, core paper stretch. Honeycomb core paper stretches in various forms.

① limited width of the stretch: the use of width restrictions, the core pulled. It is characterized by easy to achieve, transverse force is not uniform, suitable for stand-alone operation.

② differential stretch: the use of speed difference, the core pulled. There are traction roller + damping roller, traction roller + damping plate and differential combination. It is characterized by adjustable speed difference, suitable for unit operations and production lines.

③ differential and limited width of the combination: for the core need to dock the production line.

④ horizontal stretch: the core paper strip along the horizontal pull, which is characterized by the process of stretching the paper speed is variable, suitable for continuous paper production line.

2, tissue paper composite. There are two main ways: the paper on the plastic composite and the end of the core paper on the plastic compound. In fact, the paper and core paper bonding surface is only the edge of the honeycomb core paper and face paper bonding. So the use of tissue glue will be more than 3/4 glue is unnecessary useless, and the part of the glue for the follow-up Honeycomb Wallboard Machine drying and production to bring a lot of difficulties. Honeycomb core paper on the end of the plastic, the amount of glue less than the amount of paper on the plastic 1/4, the amount of glue to reduce the consumption of semi-finished products also reduce the difficulty and drying. The use of plastic paper on the end of the cardboard production of cardboard due to low water content, rolling strength is much larger than the paper on the cardboard.

3, compaction. In order to make tissue paper and core paper bonded firmly, generally need to compact. Pressure press compaction, extrusion and roll compaction and other methods.

① press compaction is mainly used for the core plate.

② squeeze is mainly used for the core of the butt and the paper docking compaction.

③ roller compaction is divided into: continuous roller compaction, the pressure jump, applied to the composite and the core of the bond; transmission belt and pressure roller combined compaction, the pressure change is relatively stable. One of the horizontal pressure applied to the paper stitching; vertical pressure applied to the cardboard composite.

4, heating and drying. Honeycomb paperboard production glue in the adhesive, the exclusion of water, core paper stereotypes need to heat. Honeycomb Wallboard Machine production in the electric heating, steam heating, heat oil heating 3 kinds of heating methods.

① electric heating with far infrared and microwave heating. It is characterized by convenient control, large energy consumption, high cost.

② steam heating is characterized by soft heating, low temperature limit, thermal efficiency is not high, the need for pressure vessels.

③ thermal oil heating a wide temperature range, heat loss is small, no pressure vessel, no boiler room.

5, vertical and horizontal cut. Refers to the vertical cutting and transverse disconnection of honeycomb paperboard. Slot generally use round knife high-speed cutting (multi-knife cutting and double-edged edge). Cross-cut more use of toothless round knife, the size of the car walking synchronization control cut off. Control methods are computer control and work program control.

Honeycomb paperboard produced by the honeycomb paperboard production line can be used to produce various types of packaging products or other industrial products.

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