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A Three-dimensional Board Equipment Selection Considerations

The current state of the three-dimensional board industry is not a specific standard, so all manufacturers on the model name is different, the customer should get involved in this industry, we must first understand that they need to use three-dimensional board equipment, based on this information, customers on their demand had a preliminary understanding, they need to find the plate category, it has to consider the economic aspect, the plate is different from the requirements for the machine is different, after forming the effective area is different, after forming plate Intensity is different, the customer should be specific selection based on the price and bearing.

1, unit equipment better, such as the use of new welder, the new roll coater, a perfect curing oven, equipped with advanced automated instrumentation.

2, due to the cold than hot embossing embossing low cost, with a beautiful, three-dimensional, high strength characteristics, so cold embossing technology become a trend.

3, to improve the pretreatment and pretreatment solution, a small number of devices, low cost to become mainstream technology, and continuously improve the stability, corrosion resistance, environmental performance pretreatment solution.

4, focusing on the development of new coatings for general polyester, polyvinylidene fluoride and plastisol make improvements, get super color reproducibility, UV, sulfur dioxide, improve the corrosion resistance, the development of resistance to pollution, heat and other functions coating.

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