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Advertising Pinch Machine Has The Advantages Of Corrosion-resistant Bright Brilliant Colors

Printing outdoor advertising billboards now --- because fading fast, easy to damage, fear of fear of wind and rain, installation and other shortcomings of some of the complex is about to be eliminated, aluminum panels, acrylic sheet production billboard costs are too high, the long production cycle , brittle deformation plate widely known by the public and not applied. Use the pinch machine equipment processing of products with corrosion-resistant, color Liang Yan, easily deformed and so on. Color pinch machines and quick and easy installation, simple to use, just need special keel is fixed to the billboard frame, followed by the Color pinch can be deducted.

New outdoor billboard dedicated Color decorative buckle wide 80mm, length up to 6m, and then can be spliced, do not waste a lot of material cost reduction, the product can be vertical, horizontal and multi-angle installation, can be assembled using different keel the pinch from 0-60mm gap effect, a variety of colors to choose from. According to customer specifications, color, spacing, direction of any installation, we supply a variety of colors of color-coated steel coil, pinch, according to size, color, spacing and direction of different design and manufacture different visual effects, suitable for outdoor advertising, walls and ceiling, and other decorative works.

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