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Advertising Pinch Machine Variety Of Color Options

With the rapid development of the domestic production of ribbon pinch machine, everywhere, there were many pinch machine ribbon paint factory, but most paint plant equipment is very simple, the product quality is uneven, and the user pulled the trigger ribbon paint mostlyIt does not have the quality tests, and other problems, too late. Therefore we can say that the current domestic paint color tile is difficult quality assurance. Ribbon pinch machine is mainly composed of solvent-based acrylic paints, thinners, pigment, titanium dioxide, etc. in different proportions grinding and stirring, any kind of quality acrylic, pigment, titanium dioxide, the three components of non-compliance, will greatly affect deduction life paint ribbon board machine, the most serious quality problems are only two or three months time, Cai Qi tile surface chalking decomposition occurs, the original pretty roofing into a gray, most of the quality problem is six months or even First, after two years, gradually faded tile or paint peeling. For direct the blank tile surface painting process, the tile surface after a few years is bound to the bare cement qualities.

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