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Automatic Paper Honeycomb Making Machine Height Maintains A Consistent Height To Keep The Same Line

Automatic Paper Honeycomb Making Machine Establish the product quality standard in the heart: 1. The overall appearance of the formation of 2. Welding fastness appropriate (in accordance with the product raw material properties and packaging purposes to choose the appropriate temperature range) 3. Size requirements and error range (including products and welding Size) 4. The shape of the fold (before and after how to fold) 5. Other requirements (the location of welding; tearing, round hole, stomata, hand hole location; product appearance without drawing marks without wrinkles; .) * Special attention is to be in accordance with the requirements of product customers as the production standards of the product, the product quality requirements of the product to make reasonable recommendations

Transfer machine must first part to the local: computer, bottom seal, side seal, discharge part; hot knife pressure, pressure roller, discharge tension, photoelectric sensitivity

1 loose material to keep the material: the discharge pendulum roll can not be too high or too low, the material can not be too loose or too tight. These conditions will cause the material in the course of running radial jitter caused before and after the discharge color photoelectric eye tracking is not allowed and the bag will be a long error, but also cause the length of the bag stretch, the need for K-shaped clean, Front and rear and discharge pressure roller pressure adjustment.

2 temperature settings appropriate: the temperature will make the product wrinkles and the impact of photoelectric tracking led to the length of the bag is different, at first,Automatic Paper Honeycomb Making Machine can increase the sensitivity of the photoelectric, to be stable after the temperature to reduce the sensitivity so as not to track failure. Choose the appropriate temperature depending on the product (material properties, thickness and packaged product). Hot knife pressure gap should generally be about 1.5 mm, especially in the high-speed operation of the requirements of the hot knife gap can not be too large, otherwise it will affect the stability of drag material. If the gap is large and can not reduce the gap in the case of the only solution is to reduce the proportion of the computer inside the feed or speed up the speed. This is a very effective method in the case where the length of the bag is less than the length of the bag when the length of the bag is long and the bag length is not used.

3 to adjust the product in the middle of the pressure roller to run, adjust the pressure roller around the gap: the timely removal of residual jelly and dirt and side material to ensure that the entire pressure roller around the gap. Which can be avoided because the roller pressure adjustment is not in place and long-term caused by the uneven roller wear caused by dragging material left and right swing instability.

4 material in the course of the operation of abnormal sound, the first need to rule out the mechanical part of the problem, it is necessary to observe whether the acceleration generated after the acceleration will appear in the sound: hot knife is too low or hot cloth rolled too loose There is a plastic mud, pulling the material set the speed is low, the tension between the two rollers is too small, too much tension to pull the material motor speed set improperly caused by the motor load and host speed does not match the phenomenon,Automatic Paper Honeycomb Making Machine the tension between the two rollers is too small The material will be stretched more tight, then the motor load will increase, start and stop when the inertia will bring the sound.

5 so that the material through the same level, not allowed to have ups and downs of the situation, the height of the hot knife to keep the same line, before and after the balance: the pressure at the end of the hot knife,Automatic Paper Honeycomb Making Machine the next hot knife to keep the same, The pressure on both sides to maintain the same, the edge of a number of under the hot knife to maintain the same height, the height of the material will cause the left and right swing and welding width of different, the flatness of the bag has a great impact.

6 material in the course of the operation of the exhaust: exhaust is not net, the material in the residual air will cause the overall deformation of the bag, affecting the normal operation of the material, there will be a certain sound. It is necessary to properly press the relevant presses. Side seal hot cloth do not with the material, hot knife each other caused by adhesion to produce additional resistance.

7 tension (pressure roller, discharge pendulum roller) and the relationship between photoelectric tracking: the length of the run is accurate and the pressure roller, put the pendulum roller tension is very large, because the tension is too large or smaller will cause the bag The length of the length of time suddenly short, different phenomenon appears. In particular, the requirements for optoelectronic sensitivity of the machine at high speeds are required to be increased or decreased depending on the circumstances. If this adjustment is invalid,Automatic Paper Honeycomb Making Machine consider the error caused by the length of the temperature and tension compensation. Whether or not the length of the process caused by the change. In general, the machine needs to adjust the sensitivity of the photoelectricity at high speed, that is, it becomes relatively blurred and will not stop due to the loss of the ordinary. In the double track, we should pay attention to observe the former photoelectric or after the photoelectric tracking failure: the former photoelectric instability will only affect the bag's cutter position, the location of the welding and the length of the bag is not accurate. After the photoelectric loss will only affect the location of the bag side seal, insert the bottom hole position changes. Which part of the problem to the section of the relevant pressure roller pressure, tension and photoelectric corresponding to the adjustment.

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