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Automatic Paper Honeycomb Making Machine Reduce Losses And Reduce Costs

Automatic Paper Honeycomb Making Machine In the current domestic competitive situation of small and medium enterprises, many packaging companies are significantly reduced budget, reduce sales prices, improve product sales, so that the real profits of enterprises to recover negligible. Enterprises in the investment in new equipment and worry about, resulting in increasingly fierce competition in the market into a dilemma. However, in the face of the huge potential of the packaging market, packaging enterprises must improve their production level, reduce losses to reduce costs, improve the degree of automation equipment, Automatic Paper Honeycomb Making Machine expand the transformation of new product development, enhance product competition in the market value. For the good development and application of enterprises to bring new growth points.

Traditional carton packaging to corrugated board-based, China is also a huge consumer of packaging. With statistics, the domestic corrugated production line has more than 4000, but in fact can be maintained in the production of only about half of the state. Can be seen, the domestic consumer demand for corrugated cardboard in the lower, in addition, many enterprises between the vicious competition, resulting in corrugated packaging to the enterprise profits less and less. Although the corrugated cardboard box in the production process of high degree of automation can be shocked, conducive to transport, on the contrary, corrugated development so many years, although popular, but in the same kind of packaging products in a little competitive, corrugated board in the development of innovation is also exposed A great drawbacks, product application single. In addition, corrugated cardboard can not withstand the higher load-bearing, easy to break. Such as the disadvantage is bound to make a lot of companies face a loss situation. Enterprises should be clear that a single product is not conducive to sustainable development. Therefore, many companies began to tap the potential of the market development of packaging products, honeycomb cardboard instead of wood packaging, corrugated packaging, is the trend of market development.

The Automatic Paper Honeycomb Making Machine production equipment is usually completed by manual operation, are semi-automatic. The shortcomings of manual operation is obvious, occupying more labor, poor precision, low production efficiency, high loss, can not immediately use that production, cumbersome process, equipment, low stability, high production cost.

With the rapid development of science and technology, honeycomb paperboard production capacity in the gradual improvement. In order to meet the market demand, equipment manufacturers to develop a fully automated honeycomb cardboard production line, and become the packaging enterprises and paper products business the best choice.

Automatic Paper Honeycomb Making Machine Among them, the first launch of mature automatic honeycomb cardboard production line is the United States and Motion Machinery Co., Ltd.. The equipment uses advanced coating technology, combined with the base paper unwinding unit, coating unit, drying unit, cross-cutting unit, tissue composite unit, cardboard drying unit, cutting unit and other components, from the paper to the paper In a continuous line to complete, no intermediate links. The emergence of the equipment greatly improved production efficiency, the company taking into account the large amount of plastic brought about by a series of follow-up problems, such as excessive use of plastic, finished humidity, need to dry, can not directly cut off the process, the finished product is bound to Prolonged, and even appear on the storage of mildew defects. In response to this problem,Automatic Paper Honeycomb Making Machine the United States and fast automatic cellular equipment, using a transfer coating effective control of the amount of glue. The equipment has obvious advantages, especially for processing electronic product packaging, mechanical product packaging and so on.

Automatic honeycomb cardboard production line from the fundamental solution to the bottleneck of the development of packaging enterprises for enterprise transformation; improve competitiveness; enhance corporate brand and image; create a good platform.

Reduce the production costs of enterprises, improve the profit income of enterprises, reduce labor, improve production efficiency, improve product quality has excellent performance, making China's honeycomb paperboard manufacturing into a new era.

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