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Edge Board Machine System Stability, Low Maintenance Costs

Edge Edge Board Machine fusion technology is a group of projectors projected out of the Edge Edge Board Machine of the screen overlap, and through the integration technology shows a gap is not brighter, large, high resolution of the whole picture, the effect of the screen is a projector projection Screen.

Edge Edge Board Machine fusion technology and large-screen splicing technology are also the display unit to break through the screen size restrictions, and can achieve split screen display or full screen display, Edge Edge Board Machine fusion can completely achieve the seamless effect of the screen. Large screen splicing technology, although more or less there will be some splicing gap, but according to the specific use of the environment, some of the gaps are negligible. According to the actual application of the environment to choose the appropriate technology.

On the use of the environment, in the indoor venues environment, the use of Edge Edge Board Machine fusion technology to show the screen in terms of visual effects will be better. The outdoor is more suitable for the use of large-screen splicing technology, Edge Edge Board Machine fusion technology used in the projector to the environment requirements are higher, in the case of strong outdoor light, the screen is not as clear as splicing screen.

From the use of time up, splicing screen can be used for a long time to support 7 * 24 uninterrupted use, more conducive to the application of the monitoring center, and the Edge Edge Board Machine of the projector used in the integration of light bulbs can not support day and night without interruption , Otherwise there will be a significant increase in operating costs.

From the cost point of view, the use of Edge Edge Board Machine fusion technology than the use of splicing screen to save a considerable part of the cost, in the same external environment, the Edge Edge Board Machine of the integration cost of technology will be much higher, these factors also makes more and more users more inclined to Using Edge Edge Board Machine fusion.

Splicing screen has excellent performance, reasonable price, so in the domestic and foreign markets have been widely welcomed. It has up to 5 to 8 million hours of service life, system stability, low maintenance costs, is the most cost-effective large-screen display system. In this respect the advantages of no doubt.

Washing machine common faults and troubleshooting methods:

1, each suction water after the plate hole in the amount of residual liquid too much, more than ≤ 2μl requirements;

Solution: The gap between the metal die and the plastic pipe is blocked, resulting in the amount of residual liquid in the plate hole is too much, with the random supply of the needle to clear the gap.

2, each time to wash the plate when the amount of liquid is too small, can not fill the hole (or the amount of liquid is too large, so that water overflow).

 Solution: ① view VOLUME switch selected liquid volume; ② view the level of shampoo lift, too high is the amount of liquid is too large and easy to string hole, too low, the amount of liquid is too small and easy card board. Usually the top position of the shampoo from the board 1.5mm-2.0mm, adjust the lifting screw to control the level of shampoo (clockwise to low, the inverse is the child hour to rise).

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