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Hf (B) -1600 Honeycomb Panel Machine

Basic Info.

Model NO.:HF(B)-1600Package:Wood Package
Origin:ChinaProcess:Paper Machine
Usage:Packing Paper MachineType:Laminating Machine
HS Code:8441Production Capacity:20PCS/Year

Product Description


1.       Production introduction
Wuxi  Honeycomb Machinery Factory, supplies honeycomb paperboard lamination line. Honeycomb lamination line makes the honeycomb paperboard from 8 to 100mm thickness automatically.  It can make 5000-8000 m2/ shift.

2.       Features of our honeycomb machine:
2.1   The paperboard cutting unit uses two servo motors & ball screw system to make it synchronized and cutting. Tolerance within 2mm/ m.
2.2    Belt press unit, worm screws adjust the height of upper press unit continuously and stable. The pressure can be adjusted by springs continuously.
2.3    Hot air circulation in the oven, increase the thermal efficiency.
2.4    Safety control system according to CE regulations.
2.5    Paper will avoid the gluing roller while machine stops, easy to do the adjustment when machine's on.
2.6   Apply glue on paper or honeycomb, both available.
2.7   Heating: steam, electricity, Hot oil all available.

3.       Process of paperboard making:
Paper unwind---honeycomb expand---glue applying---- Laminate and belt press---hot board heat----Belt press again---Board oven--- cold press----trim (optional)--- cross cut.


No. Item HF(A)-1300   HF(A)-1450 HF(A)-1600
1 Thickness of honeycomb paperboard 8-100mm

2 Maximum width of paperboard (mm) 1300 1450 1600
3 Cardboard cutting precision +-2mm

4 Length of honeycomb paperboard(after cutting) >=500mm

5 Applicable paper 180-420gms cardboard paper or Kraft paper

6 Layer of face paper 1

6 Maximum designing speed 20m/min

7 The actual production speed 6-12m/min.(According to the paper dry degree\Glue quality\paper core thickness\Local humidity and other factors to change )

8 Heating drying method electrical heating

9 Total motor power 30KW

10 Electric heating power 80KW

11 Installation power 120kw

12 Man power 3

13 Layout 50000X4000X2500mm

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