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Honeycomb Board Machine Aerodynamic Performance And Structural Strength Of A Greater Impact

A Honeycomb Board Machine in aircraft composites is a new composite material, also known as a honeycomb laminate , made of thin and strong two-layer panels. Its panels are metal plate, glass fiber, quartz fiber, carbon fiber, etc .; sandwich materials are aramid, glass fiber, aluminum and foam structure. The honeycomb can be made into different shapes. The honeycomb structure on the aircraft is made of corrosion-resistant sandwich, panel, liner, partition (false beam), edge ribs and other parts made of glue. Panel and sandwich between the adhesive with a plastic, honeycomb sandwich core adhesive and corrosion-resistant adhesive according to the actual needs of the shape of the vacuum pressure after the application of temperature bonding adhesive molding.

First, the aeronautical composite material honeycomb damage type

According to the aeronautical composite material honeycomb structure in the course of the possible damage to the situation, we can roughly paste the damage to the honeycomb structure parts divided into the following five categories:

1, surface damage

Such damage is generally found by visual inspection, including surface abrasions, scratches, local minor corrosion, surface skin cracks, surface pits and local slight depressions. This type of damage generally does not produce a significant weakening of the structural strength.

2, degumming and layered damage

The damage refers to the fiber layer and the layer or between the panel and sandwich resin failure defects, mainly through the percussion check, ultrasonic detection and other means found. Such damage generally does not cause changes in the appearance of the structure, mostly in the production process caused by the initial defects, and repeated use in the process of continuous expansion caused by defects. Degumming or delamination area is too large will cause the overall strength of composite materials weakened, should be promptly repaired.

3, single side panel damage

This type of damage includes partial pitting,honeycomb panel rupture or perforation of a single side panel, which can be found by visual inspection. This type of damage can make one side panel and honeycomb sandwich are damaged (surface collapse), the aerodynamic performance and structural strength of a greater impact. Once it is found that such damage must be repaired and verified, it can be reused later.

4, penetrating injury

This type of damage refers to the penetration of the honeycomb parts, severe crush and a wide range of incomplete damage. Such damage has a serious effect on structural performance and strength,honeycomb panel repairs immediately or in case of new pieces as required.

5, the internal water

The cause of the damage is mainly due to the edge of the honeycomb structure or honeycomb material docking edge sealing or sealing failure, in the long-term use of the process due to rain, oil immersion and water vapor condensation caused by honeycomb sandwich water. Although the general situation of the honeycomb within the water will not cause serious impact; but in the winter and night the temperature changes in the larger circumstances, due to the expansion of the ice will cause the composite material within the resin matrix degumming;honeycomb panel Will also make the composite material of the resin matrix bonding strength significantly reduced and reduce the overall performance of components; in particular, all kinds of composite materials prepared by the rudder, flaps, wing body fairings and engine parts, etc., should be promptly check its The internal honeycomb structure of the water situation and make the appropriate repair measures. At present, such damage is mainly through infrared thermal imaging, X-ray detector and other means to detect.

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