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Honeycomb Board Machine Flexibility And Stability

Artificial honeycomb panels, especially Honeycomb Board Machine, are widely used in aircraft, trains, ships, and construction fields because of their advantages such as light weight, high strength, rigidity and excellent insulation performance. The density of the magnesium alloy is small and has some very obvious advantages over specific strength, specific stiffness, recyclability, etc., especially in reducing the weight of the components. Magnesium alloy honeycomb plate as a new type of metal honeycomb panel, to study its preparation technology and performance characteristics is necessary to enrich and expand the traditional honeycomb structure, has a broad application prospects.

Preparation method of metal honeycomb core

Metal honeycomb core material preparation methods are expansion method, pressure bonding forming method, pressure brazing forming method.

(1) expansion method: by the printing press (or hand) will be coated with the core of the metal foil on the formation of plastic strips, adjacent two layers of plastic coated with metal foil should be staggered, that is, a layer of paper glue The position of the strip is just in the middle of the adjacent two strips of paper. The metal foil bonded to each other in this way forms a honeycomb core plate, where the adhesive is sufficiently cured, and the honeycomb core is cut into strips having a desired height of the honeycomb core strip, and then the honeycomb core Stretching to expand, and then its damped shaped plastic curing into a shaped honeycomb core.

(2) pressure bonding forming method: first in the waveform mold, according to hand or paste forming process made of semi-hexagonal corrugated board, and then with adhesive adhesive core. Pressure forming method made of honeycomb core, the bee grid size is correct, can be made of any size honeycomb core. But requires a lot of mold, low production efficiency, so rarely used.

(3) pressure brazing forming method: Japan Yamaguchi I entered the 1994 developed a brazing method to manufacture honeycomb core. The manufacturing process is about to cut a certain width of the slats in the shape of semi-hexagonal corrugated processing to form a honeycomb. And then use the upper and lower two plates will be honeycomb core clamping, fixed with a fixture,Honeycomb Board Machine the use of laser spot welding machine in the parallel surface contact spot welding.

For the metal honeycomb sandwich structure, the panel and the core how to connect is very important, for now, there are five connections, the following were introduced:

(1) Adhesive method: Adhesive method is the metal surface and the core with a thermosetting adhesive in the continuous forming machine heating and pressing compound made of composite sheet. Adhesive bonding is currently more concerned about the connection method, the process of connecting the composite board does not bear the external heating cycle, but before the need for surface pretreatment.

(2) brazing method: brazing is another method of material connection. And other welding technology, can make the connection between the material to form a non-removable metallurgical combination. Material brazing connection, usually in the form of lap assembly, the joints to maintain a small gap between the use of lower than the base metal melting point of the filler material, lower than the base metal melting point,Honeycomb Board Machine higher than the melting point of solder temperature, with melting The brazing filler metal fills the gap between the base metals and cools and solidifies into a solid joint by the interaction of the brazing filler metal and the base metal.

(3) seam welding: seam welding is the welding parts assembled into a lap or butt joint and placed between the two roller electrodes, roller pressure welding and rotation, continuous or intermittent transmission, the formation of a continuous weld Resistance welding method.

(4) laser welding method: laser welding is the use of high-energy laser beam as a heat source of a highly efficient precision welding method. It has the advantages of high energy density, focusing, deep penetration, high efficiency, high precision and strong adaptability. It has been paid close attention to the developed countries and applied to aviation, aerospace, automobile manufacturing, electronics and light industry.

(5) Interface instantaneous liquid phase diffusion rolling connection method: the interface instantaneous liquid phase diffusion rolling connection is the use of transition liquid phase (Transient Liquid Phase - TLP) connection method of the principle of sheet metal and metal core material to form a good large area of metallurgy Combined with the composite method. TLP connection is a connection method used in many alloy systems. The principle is in the base metal and the middle layer between the formation of low melting liquid phase, and then through the diffusion of solute atoms occurothermal coagulation, the formation of uniform tissue joints. For the use of metal thermal protection system in the metal honeycomb sandwich structure, the current use of vacuum brazing method to connect the panel and the core, to increase its strength, effectively avoid the degumming and other issues.

Application Status of Metal Honeycomb Board

Abroad in the sixties of last century began to use honeycomb panels in construction, travel, furniture and other fields, until the beginning of 1990 until the beginning of civil, at present, the honeycomb board is mainly used in the following areas:

(1) aircraft. Made of honeycomb wings, horizontal wings and civil aircraft cockpit, cargo floor, hatch partitions and other effective to reduce the weight of the aircraft structure, improve the sensitivity of moving parts manipulation. Such as: Russia will Nomex honeycomb as the core material of the sandwich structure for the An -124 transport aircraft cargo compartment, Figure -204 engine nacelle and vertical tail. China's straight nine machines using Nomex honeycomb composed of sandwich structure also reached more than 280,Honeycomb Board Machine stand-alone Nomex honeycomb 260 m2, accounting for about 50% of the coverage area.

(2) train interiors. Honeycomb panels can be used to make high-speed trains, especially light rails, subway vehicle trim panels such as control panels, bulkheads, ceiling panels, luggage racks, toilet units, union rooms, floors, Cabin and external components such as roof, front, guard, the whole body and so on. The highest speed of 300km / h of the world's most high-speed vehicles -500 Department of "hope number", the side and chassis part of the brazing aluminum honeycomb board, the result, access to a light weight, high pressure, high rigidity of the body Structure, reducing the vehicle in the high-speed operation inside and outside the car noise. Domestic Changchun bus factory in 1990 in the 25A passenger car on the use of aluminum honeycomb composite board structure. It is understood that Shenzhen's first subway locomotive vehicles ceiling, floor and compartment on both sides of the partition from the introduction of the German thermoplastic adhesive composite aluminum honeycomb panels. China is being developed with independent intellectual property rights of the subway train roof will also use aluminum honeycomb panels.

(3) ships. The structural and non-structural parts of the honeycomb sandwich structure are 50% and 75% lighter than the corresponding components made of conventional materials (such as metal, wood, FRP). Can be used to make fast ferry hull and bulkhead and rowing light mast. Such as the US Navy using Nomex honeycomb with aluminum or FRP panels made of honeycomb panels for bulkheads to reduce ship weight and improve ship flexibility and stability. The domestic also began to aluminum honeycomb panels and paper honeycomb board used in the ship.

(4) car. Honeycomb sandwich structure in the car has been more applications, mostly for the body outside the skin, body structure, frame structure, bumper, seats, doors and so on. Such as the use of PP honeycomb structure and glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic panel material composite honeycomb board design car luggage rear shelf, load-bearing floor, etc., can produce a very large damage margin. The honeycomb panel is formed by using the epoxy adhesive and the upper and lower two layers of anti-rust steel plate to form the honeycomb board as the floor of the car and the roof lining, and has good sound absorption performance. Many of the concept cars in Japan use aluminum honeycomb panels to reduce vehicle weight and increase body rigidity.

(5) building. Honeycomb sandwich structure in the construction field has more applications, such as the production of large shopping malls, subway stations, conference rooms, ceilings, hotels, banks, screens, partitions and high-rise building exterior panels. Both beautiful, but also can greatly reduce the earthquake caused by casualties and property damage. Domestic aluminum honeycomb panels and paper honeycomb panels are also beginning to be used in the construction sector. Such as the Shanghai Feiyi Curtain Wall Co., Ltd. production of epoxy resin bonded Fei Ji aluminum honeycomb curtain wall panels have been used for the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and the Shanghai Children's Museum dome movie hall. By a group of domestic production of thermoplastic adhesive composite honeycomb aluminum has been used in Hong Kong subway station decoration and shelters, billboards and so on.

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