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Honeycomb Board Machine Good Strength. Light. Sound Insulation

What are the characteristics of the Honeycomb Board Machine?

In recent years, the emergence of the car for our lives has brought a lot of convenience, while the use of automotive interior materials more and more common, such equipment when the car is indispensable in the process, we understand these decorative panels How much? In which the pp Honeycomb Board Machine will be used, in addition to the use of the car, it is still a lot of applications in life. So we know what the characteristics of pp Honeycomb Board Machine, then, together with a simple look at it

1. Made of 100% recycled paper, recyclable recycling, can solve the serious problem of plastic foam white pollution. 2. Reduce the volume of packaging containers, reduce packaging materials, and reduce transportation costs. 3. Easy to cut drilling, can be processed into a variety of shapes and sizes, do not use the mold can be made liner, suitable for the ever-changing products to facilitate the packaging of bulk products. 4. The strength is good. Light. Sound. Cushion cushion is the honeycomb cardboard with a special stamping equipment and stamping stamping, can be used to replace the EPS foam as a buffer material within the product packaging. Is a revolutionary green new product in the packaging industry.

Through the above brief introduction, I believe we all know the advantages of pp Honeycomb Board Machine, in the use of the process, we can combine these features to choose to use, so you can play the biggest features of these products, more exciting content to welcome you We are concerned about our pp honeycomb panel manufacturers, we will bring more useful information.

1, high speed, high efficiency

Cut a 500x500x500mm carton in just 80 seconds. Instead of the traditional manual design and proofing, to reduce the corresponding development time, automatic typesetting, drawing lines, drawing, pleating, indentation, punching, half knife cutting, cutting the whole knife, at one go

2, high-tech, multi-tool

Ultra - high frequency vibration knife technology to achieve perfect cutting.

No need to die / die-cutting machine, only the use of vibration knife (vertical cutting), oblique knife (multi-angle cutting), milling cutter, pressure roller, brush, leather and other flexible materials to complete the die cutting, indentation, forming Work, can save a lot of manpower, Daomo and die-cutting machine costs. Can meet the customer's small batch, multi-style production goals, to create a set of practical and feasible

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