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Honeycomb Board Machine Safe And Environmentally Friendly Green Building

The Honeycomb Board Machines in aircraft composites are a new type of composite material, also known as a honeycomb laminate (see Fig. 1), made of thin and strong two-layer panels. Its panel selection of metal plate, glass fiber, quartz fiber, carbon fiber, etc .; sandwich materials are aramid, glass fiber, aluminum and foam structure. The honeycomb can be made into different shapes. The honeycomb structure on the aircraft is made of corrosion-resistant sandwich, panel, liner, partition (false beam), edge ribs and other parts made of glue. Panel and sandwich between the adhesive with a plastic, honeycomb sandwich core adhesive and corrosion-resistant adhesive according to the actual needs of the shape of the vacuum pressure after the application of temperature bonding adhesive molding.

Stone honeycomb board unidirectional keel construction method is the stone dry hanging on the basis of the development of a new technical performance. The method is the use of stone Honeycomb Board Machines for the finishes, through the stereotypes of aluminum alloy keel and pendant linked to the development of a mature construction process. Stone honeycomb board is a new type of building materials, with better than ordinary natural stone impact resistance, per m2 is only 8 ~ 11Kg, is the weight of ordinary natural stone 1/7, the compressive strength is its 3 to 5 Times, completely overcome the natural stone weight, fragile and other defects, is safe and environmentally friendly green building decoration products, can be widely used in high-level large-scale building interior and exterior wall decoration, floor and ceiling ceiling decoration. I am the company for the stone honeycomb composite panels light weight, high strength, good stiffness characteristics, the development of stone Honeycomb Board Machines using one-way keel for the installation of the construction technology. This approach because of advanced technology, easy installation, to create a good decorative effect, by the construction, supervision and other parties praise. In the study and extensive application of the technology on the basis of the analysis and summary of the formation of the law.

1. Stone Honeycomb Board Machine A kind of stone honeycomb sheet produced by using aviation composite technology to produce very thin marble flake and honeycomb structure products. It has a light weight, high strength, good stiffness, corrosion resistance, stable performance and so on. As the surface layer, the air between the floor layer is divided into a large number of closed cells honeycomb, heat and sound waves are greatly restricted the transmission, compared with other curtain wall decoration materials, stone honeycomb board has a good insulation, thermal insulation properties.

2. Compared with ordinary stone, stone honeycomb board per square meter only 8 ~ 11Kg, light weight, for the above characteristics, stone honeycomb curtain wall using one-way keel dry hanging technology. The aluminum alloy pendant and the stone Honeycomb Board Machine are connected by an embedded nut and are provided with an adjustment gasket for fastening. The stone honeycomb board is articulated by pendant and aluminum alloy.

3. One-way keel can ensure dry safety.

4. The method is simple to operate, the construction efficiency is 3 times the ordinary dry hanging stone, construction period is short.

5. Stone honeycomb factory customization, less on-site loss, less welding operations. The quality of the construction process is easy to control, and environmental protection, so that green construction.

According to the stone curtain wall split plan and civil construction unit given the elevation point and the axis position, the use of wire hammer, ink line, level and other measurement tools in the building wall base set keel center line, stone curtain keel plane, Corner and other baseline, and with the theodolite to adjust, re-test.

Stone curtain wall level elevation to layer by layer from the ground cited, so as not to accumulate error. The error is greater than the specified allowable deviation when the appropriate adjustment of the stone curtain wall axis, so that it meets the structural needs of stone curtain wall.

According to the keel structure for processing and installation, according to the lofting baseline and datum, the civil error adjustment. Stone honeycomb board is only 8 ~ 11Kg per square meter, only need to install the horizontal keel to meet the requirements. Keel quality installation is directly related to the stone honeycomb board dry hanging quality, to strictly control the keel installation quality.

, Will be equipped with aluminum alloy pendant of the Honeycomb Board Machines, according to the requirements of the stake out the number of corresponding loading. The installation of the stone honeycomb plate plate through the hook hanging in the horizontal keel pendant can be. Easy to install. As shown in Figure 5. Through the aluminum alloy pendant main screw adjustment, to achieve horizontal and vertical quality standards. In the installation of stone composite panels pay attention to control the installation of stone composite plate height cumulative error. Control method is: in each floor bombs 1m horizontal baseline, 1m line to check the construction error, the requirements generally do not exceed ± 2mm, if beyond this error range, the timely installation of a layer of stone honeycomb board to adjust.

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