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Honeycomb Board Machine Strong Stability, Good Pressure

In the whole Honeycomb Board Machine production line, the wet part is the key equipment of honeycomb forming, which mainly involves the influence of the original paper, glue, steam and other factors on the quality of the paper forming, so the doubt that the quality of the cardboard is to be handled. Wet part of the key equipment single-sided honeycomb machine should be selected technologically advanced equipment, positive pressure card box-type single-sided machine. The numerical manifestation of the adjustable clearance and the manipulation of the sizing amount are very important.

Cadre Equipment Configuration

In the cadre equipment, slitting machine is the equipment that affects the work efficiency, its selection is very important. The knife in the slitting machine should be movable, and in the purchase of Taiwan Tile line to take into account the use of the DAO, pressure lines of the dust-proof treatment, because in practice, the grinding dust will fall on the lubrication of the guide rail, forming a knife may be in line with the knife when moving difficult, and often stop the scene. The minimum distance between the line wheel should ensure the positioning method of the 50mm cutter, the practical value of the cutter precision, and some manufacturers all claim to be able to reach +? mm but in practice will present 1-2mm error, so people often check, inefficient; several methods of the line-pressing wheel can be used to request the type of pressure line.

Honeycomb mechanical paperboard is a unique structural process, it is a famous representative of Bionics. is based on the bee nest to produce a strong, pressure-bearing, buffer excellent paper products.

The production process of Honeycomb Board Machine is very heavy, which often can affect the quality of the Honeycomb Board Machine. So we have to set up the inspection procedure on the spot. and arrange patrol personnel to carry on the patrol.

Patrol is the inspection personnel in the production site at a certain time interval on the process of product quality flow check. Completion inspection It is a batch of finished products after the inspection, mainly refers to the process between the products. Inspection of finished products is the last test of Honeycomb Board Machine before reaching the user's hand.

In the production process of Honeycomb Board Machine, if unqualified products are found, there should be timely corrective measures. Re-develop production process according to production requirements. Lead the quality to the qualified road. The guarantee of quality is the life of the Honeycomb Board Machine enterprise.

Paperboard Soft is a common problem of paper cotton thread, mainly materials, starch paste, temperature, environmental humidity and other factors.

1. The quality of the material is the main reason. As the market competition is increasingly fierce, manufacturers to hold down prices to seize the market. Some plants use poor raw materials, reduce production costs, these low grams of the original paper is uneven, sizing very little, high sand content, toughness fiber very little. This material not only can not make high-quality cardboard, and will accelerate the corrugated roller wear.

2. Many people think that starch paste is too thick to be sticky is very good, this is wrong. The opposite slurry too thick or single, double-sided machine sizing too large is the reason for soft cardboard.

3. Paperboard production temperature includes steam temperature and ambient temperature. The temperature of the paperboard line steamed soup is usually 165℃~185℃

, we should increase the temperature when the speed is high, reduce the temperature when the speed is low, and avoid the low temperature production. Paperboard and the environment is too large temperature difference will cause cardboard extremely easy to absorb moisture, especially the use of the original paper without sizing.

4. Improper adjustment of pressure will also lead to soft cardboard. Attention should be paid to the gap between the cots and the pressure rolls and the high and low control of the hot bed pressure roll. When the pressure roll is too low, it will lead to the deformation of the top of the board caused by insufficient resistance to soft.

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