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Honeycomb Core Equipment Conserve Energy And Improve Efficiency

We have struggled to choose the right honeycomb equipment, the main purpose is to create more wealth for us, so that the production of cellular use, good selling, long service life of equipment, in the use of the process can only blame do not fail, for our production to cause interference, this is our purchase of a cellular device of the mentality, and this is the main purpose of each honeycomb manufacturer, only the production of Honeycomb Core Equipment to use, will attract more customers to buy, this is a win-winning model development and operation.

The purchase of honeycomb equipment is mainly embodied in the following advantages of several convenient features.

1. Save energy and improve efficiency. The same quality of raw coal production doubling honeycomb than the production of ordinary cellular number increased 1 time times.

2. Sturdy and durable. We know that the biggest disadvantage of traditional honeycomb is that it is easy to be bad and not strong.

Honeycomb equipment production features, not only its own characteristics, but also for the use of cellular customers to solve a lot of problems.

I believe that we all know that there is a Honeycomb Core Equipment, but not necessarily will know that there is a multi-functional device on the honeycomb, the component of the glue-coated machine, a description of the multi-functional glue is composed of which parts:

1, adhesive function:? surface paper glue and core paper glue can be used separately or merged, surface paper Glue can realize 4 sheets of paper simultaneously coated with glue.

2, metering roller adjustment: Both sides can be adjusted simultaneously, accurate measurement.

3, paper core adhesive: Overall lifting structure, different specifications of the product easy to operate.

4, Pneumatic swing arm: To ensure the downtime of paper and cots off, to avoid paper and glue roller bonding.

5, Supply glue: Stainless steel rubber bucket, pneumatic lifting, pneumatic diaphragm supply glue?

6, Power: cycloid reducer motor, import frequency conversion speed.

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