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Honeycomb Core Machine Good Performance, Corrosion Resistance

Advanced composite materials have the advantages of light weight, high specific strength, high rigidity, good design, good anti-fatigue fracture resistance, good corrosion resistance, good dimensional stability and easy large area integral molding. It has been widely used in aircraft structure. At the same time, the use of integrated manufacturing technology can significantly reduce the number of parts and fasteners,Honeycomb Core Machine reduce the weight of the structure and reduce production costs. General aircraft composite material is a current and future development trend, foreign general aircraft in the body structure on a large number of low-cost, lightweight high-strength composite materials, and materials, the body structure of the overall design,Honeycomb Core Machine analysis and manufacturing technology, etc. Has made rapid development and improvement, making the aircraft structure design and manufacturing technology has undergone profound changes, this advanced overall structure compared with the conventional riveting structure has many advantages. (1) Pneumatic performance: smooth surface, accurate shape, good symmetry; (2) structural strength: the overall and local rigidity, high strength, fatigue resistance, durability, fatigue resistance and high reliability; (4) technology and economy: to simplify the aircraft technology and equipment, reduce the assembly workload, shorten the manufacturing cycle, reduce the cost of the whole life of the machine. This paper mainly studies the whole forming technology of the whole body of carbon fiber composite material in a light business jet, which is very important to the technical design and manufacturing level of composite aircraft in China.

A light business jet integrated body in the fuselage

A light business jet body is a pressurized cabin for the composite honeycomb sandwich structure, which is mainly under pressure, its own gravity,Honeycomb Core Machine the rear fuselage force, the engine bracket force, and the wing force in the body machine Wing docking balance. In the fuselage as a whole about 4.5m, height of about 1.5m, width of 1.5m, the fuselage in addition to the cabin door and emergency exit at the door frame to strengthen, the remaining opening area, wing box area, the firewall area are used to increase the local Way to strengthen.

1 Molding material

The main material used in the fuselage is TORAY carbon fiber prepreg, as shown in Table 1. Its main feature is the use of vacuum bag - oven molding, compared to the traditional hot-pressing tank curing prepreg system, this prepreg system in the oven can be heated and cured,Honeycomb Core Machine significant savings in equipment costs, this aviation structure with the pre- The impregnation has a low porosity of the laminate after curing, and the properties after curing are comparable to those of the autoclave, but also have good tackiness and operability. Other structural materials include honeycomb core material: In addition to the fuselage wing box and the firewall is selected hexagon NOMEX honeycomb core, the rest are used to stretch the NOMEX honeycomb core; structural film: Han

High EA9696.080K; honeycomb core splicing glue: Henkel AF3024; filler: 3M EC3524.

2 forming method

In the analysis of the complex structure of the fuselage: pressurized cabin is a semi-enclosed cabin, so the tooling can not be designed as a whole, the design hours of the mold and the lower half of the mold to create two parts, the three-dimensional design of the sub-model Face as a tooling parting surface. So that the paving can be on the mold, the lower half of the mold at the same time paving, and each half-mold are open structure,Honeycomb Core Machine so greatly increase the paving operation space, significantly reduce the difficulty of paving, in order to ensure good aerodynamic shape and stripping The operability,Honeycomb Core Machine the use of negative mold forming. The upper mold half, the lower mold halves were completed after the paste mold, and seams reinforcement, and finally curing molding. Considering the weight of the tooling and the matching of the thermal expansion coefficient of the composite material, the composite material tooling is selected. In order to reduce the weight of the upper mold half of the pressurized tank,Honeycomb Core Machine the upper half of the mold surface is reinforced by the composite material plate only. The connection with the metal structure bracket is Removable, in order to facilitate the flip combination and hoisting.

At present, the sandwich structure of the molding method can be based on the panel and honeycomb sandwich structure of the molding steps are divided into common glue method, the secondary bonding method and co-curing method, the special requirements of the structure can also be taken step by step curing. Through the analysis of the laying of the fuselage structure,Honeycomb Core Machine the upper and lower mold clamping position of the laying reinforcement design, which ruled out the use of the upper and lower molds were formed, and then the possibility of secondary bonding method. In addition, due to the overall requirements, if the use of step curing technology,Honeycomb Core Machine the fuselage outside the skin after curing to form the internal body cavity cavity,Honeycomb Core Machine the local position of the skin pavement operation is too difficult to achieve, The overall structure of the fuselage, using co-curing technology. (2) honeycomb core processing and positioning technology; (3) a total of honeycomb sandwich structure of the total; (2) honeycomb core processing and positioning technology; (3) honeycomb sandwich structure of the total Determination of curing process parameters.

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