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Honeycomb Core Machine Production Line

Honeycomb Core Machine From the honeycomb evenness, the old-fashioned honeycomb core machine: octagonal machine, stacking machine, but the old-fashioned honeycomb core machine in the production process there is a big enough, so the honeycomb uniformity can not be guaranteed.

Honeycomb Core Machine For now the mainstream of the automatic production line, the honeycomb core machine uniformity is also a small challenge, in other words now on the market is not all the production line of the honeycomb core machine on a certain uniform, his production line of honeycomb production line Or very elegant, especially for the production line of the glue device, the more accurate glue, the production of honeycomb core machine is likely to be more uniform.

At present, the domestic market in the honeycomb core production line production enterprises a lot, but many companies are the original production of old-fashioned equipment, and later to the production of honeycomb core machine production line. Of course, not all businesses are like this.

Honeycomb Core Machine Now the honeycomb core machine is always engaged in the automatic honeycomb core production line of research and production, and achieved remarkable results, the production of automatic production line in the honeycomb core machine uniformity of the control on the very Well, the quality of honeycomb core machine in the country and abroad are second to none.

Honeycomb Core Machine Honeycomb core machine production line of material selection is very important, different manufacturers will choose a different material. Honeycomb core machine production line required to use the cardboard is generally based on the size of the core diameter of the paper core, the strength of the core of the paper, adhesive paper and paperboard peel strength to choose the peel strength.

Honeycomb Core Machine In addition, in addition to the different needs of customers on the honeycomb core machine, the general manufacturers of honeycomb core production line will be used for the production of cardboard quality testing and regulation.

Honeycomb Core Machine Before the production of honeycomb core production line, manufacturers of selected materials, including the contents of the inspection cardboard inside and outside the two aspects. Inside is the size of the paper core diameter control to the requirements for packaging, the use of high strength of the paper core. Then the external is the choice of adhesive paper with good toughness and resilience of the material, and the peel strength of cardboard is based on the size of its aperture to choose.

Honeycomb Core Machine But it is happy that the current US-machine machinery honeycomb core production line of high efficiency and stability of equipment performance, coupled with professional and technical personnel on the equipment and reliable debugging of the quality of the strict control of cardboard, not only makes the production of each batch of honeycomb machine Stress strength and reliability greatly increased, but also in the packaging industry, is also a very good energy saving products.

Honeycomb Core Machine Here you have to remind everyone in the production of honeycomb core production line, not only the choice of materials, all other aspects should try to be environmentally friendly production, which is not only conducive to the long-term development of enterprises, but also to enhance corporate reputation and To more benefits is very helpful.

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