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Honeycomb Core Machine Quality, The Scope Of Application Have Made A Certain Request

First, the characteristics of light partition board:

Light wall panels, also known as "mud fly ash composite core wall panels" is polystyrene plus fly ash, slag and admixture, together with a combination of lightweight wall panels. The main production processes of lightweight partition board include: mortar mixing, mortar coating, composite glass fiber cloth, roll, polystyrene board, mortar, composite glass fiber cloth, roll forming, curing, stripping, cutting ,Honeycomb Core Machine Stacking and other processes. The wallboard is mechanized production line. Its production of the product size: length: 500-3500mm, width 600mm, thickness 60-240mm. Wall side with a connection slot, for the construction of workers will be more convenient installation.

Second, the application of lightweight partition board:

Light wall panels of its products with light weight, high strength, low water absorption shrinkage, insulation, insulation, noise, etc., wall panels to meet the technical indicators of industry-related standards. The product due to the advantages of low water absorption shrinkage,Honeycomb Core Machine making the use of wall panels do wall wall is not easy to crack. And the product light weight, high strength, installation and construction more convenient, the construction efficiency of the traditional construction efficiency of more than 5 times. Light wall panels have been widely used in the framework of the building structure within the partition wall, steel structure of the house inside and outside the wall, cold storage, activities board room, indoor home decoration.

Solid wood composite doors and windows and wooden composite doors and windows, can you distinguish? Solid wood, logs, pure wood ... ... At present, the market sales of doors and windows are almost always want to use "solid wood" detached, less mention "composite" concept.

According to GB / T29498, solid wood composite doors and windows refers to the solid wood doors and windows fan covered with decorative veneer (veneer) or veneer lumber made of doors and windows; wooden composite doors and windows refers to a variety of wood-based panels or wood and wood-based Material,Honeycomb Core Machine the surface of the painted or finishes of the doors and windows. "Solid wood" gimmick in the future can not be used indiscriminately, the standard clearly defined the "solid wood", "solid wood composite" and "wood composite" concept, can guide manufacturers in accordance with regulatory production.

At the same time, in the industry view, the current use of more wood composite doors and windows, such as particleboard, MDF as the main material produced wooden doors and windows, can also have better performance, it can be very high-end products, Solid wood under the guise of consumers should also change this aspect of unscientific awareness.

The new standard has finally referred to the previously controversial cellular paper filler, the quality of the honeycomb paperboard, the scope of application have made certain requirements. For enterprises, as long as the provisions of the use of honeycomb paper,Honeycomb Core Machine filling honeycomb paper is no longer a secretive thing, and for consumers there is a clear standard reference, the problem encountered in the product rights Time there is a reference to the indicators, which for manufacturers, distributors and consumers have great benefits.

Honeycomb Core Machine forming principle, can be explained by a simple small test. (T), width (B), equal to a number of glue lines, and the pitch is 4 times the width of the glue line, T = "4B, we also in another note is also coated with the same glue line, and then the two pieces of dislocation compound, you can form a hexagonal honeycomb structure.

As for the dislocation of the viscose compound, is the second piece of paper glue line glue in the first paper strip two glue line spacing in the middle of the positive position (Figure 1), when a number of paper in turn so bonding , The paper strip to the horizontal open to uniform, so that a number of positive hexagon formed.

When changing the width and pitch of the glue line (T ≠ 4B), the cell becomes a honeycomb of other shapes. When the aperture of the honeycomb inscribed circle diameter changes, you can get different types of Honeycomb Core Machine. In the actual production process, half of the large honeycomb aperture of the core is easy to stretch, the production speed can also be increased, but the strength is low. Generally in the production of honeycomb tray, the use of B-type (diameter 15mm) and C-type (diameter 20mm) Honeycomb Core Machine, in the use of more than B-type furniture (diameter 15mm).

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