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Honeycomb Core MachineProtection Is The Most Basic Function Of Packaging

The main function of the packaging is: protection, convenience, sales and value-added features. The realization of these three functions are all related to packaging materials and containers,Honeycomb Core Machine packaging design, packaging technology and methods. Protection is the most basic function of packaging.

  Products in the circulation process, may be subject to a variety of external factors, causing product contamination, damage, leakage or deterioration, so that products reduce or lose their value. Scientific and reasonable packaging, products can resist the destruction of various external factors,Honeycomb Core Machine so as to ensure product performance.

And the honeycomb device is a machine for making honeycomb paperboard. The use of honeycomb paperboard is very extensive, in part with other materials used in the building on the door, non-load-bearing wall, semi-wall, interior decoration and activities room; used in furniture production of the desktop, bed board, Footwear; used in the transport made of trays, folders and other areas of the billboards,Honeycomb Core Machine exhibition cards, display racks, clean blackboard, funeral, nursery and so on.

With global warming, more and more people are beginning to realize the importance of environmental issues. Environmental pollution, smelly ditch water discharge,Honeycomb Core Machine industrial pollution, etc., etc., news everywhere, no doubt remind us that we want to protect the environment. Then it should start from the small start, starting from bit by bit.

   I believe we are not unfamiliar, the past few years to promote the plastic bags gradually less, to promote green, so more and more paper bags began to pop, because it is environmentally friendly, light, can be recycled, so many people like This light product. Honeycomb cardboard in the international community is a new industry, with strong vitality, honeycomb product advantage is green packaging, generation of wood has become a climate.

  Like its honeycomb equipment made out of the honeycomb carton features light, prison, instead of the bulky wooden box, in the export packaging products is smooth, because it is subject to gravity,Honeycomb Core Machine can be recycled and reused. The honeycomb structure is the most expensive on the material, but the compressive strength is indeed extremely high and is therefore widely used.

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