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Honeycomb Machine Combination Of Fast

Honeycomb Machine First, the tray, honeycomb tray and wooden pallets compared to the light weight, but also a higher strength, can be used for ordinary flat tray and single-sided tray, but also made of pillar tray structure.

Honeycomb Machine Second, the cushion liner, honeycomb honeycomb sandwich structure to make its buffer performance is better than corrugated cardboard, can be fully buffered or local buffer in the form of protection of the contents. Paper pallet

Honeycomb Machine Third, the box, like corrugated boxes, the honeycomb machine can be processed into a cardboard box, but generally only use a thin honeycomb machine to do cartons.

Honeycomb Machine Four, angle brace, edge and other accessories, and cushioning cushion similar to the honeycomb machine can be used as a transport package of the support and edge, which is particularly suitable for collection packaging, from the role of protection, reduce collision and friction, reduce damage.

Honeycomb Machine Material light, bearing a large, according to the size of the items, specifications custom, mainly used for alternative transport wooden box.

Honeycomb Machine Compared with the performance of the wooden box cushioning performance of 2 to 8 times higher, light weight 55% to 75%. Combination of fast, save time and labor, beautiful technology, good sealing performance, and can save a lot of timber resources, is internationally recognized to promote the new environmentally friendly packaging products.

Honeycomb carton products are not only resistant to extrusion, anti-cushion, strong shock and other characteristics of the box object has a very good protection performance, but also by special treatment to achieve waterproof, moisture-proof effect. Can be applied to the packaging industry, stone industry, home appliances industry, furniture industry, electronic communications, mechanical and electrical machinery, clothing and other industries. Is the future development trend of international packaging materials applications.

Honeycomb Machine Honeycomb carton with honeycomb machine stamping, cutting, paste made, cardboard interface paste paper angle to strengthen; according to the actual needs of the design into a single, modular (removable), integrated base under the different configurations, Conducive to handling, handling.

Cellular machine is the main equipment for the production of cellular machines, for the packaging machinery industry is very important, the general production process of honeycomb machine advanced equipment loss is low, the production of honeycomb machine yield is also high.

Honeycomb Machine Honeycomb machine to light, cheap, high strength, recyclable and other characteristics welcomed by the market, especially the Netherlands, the United States, Japan and other developed countries and regions, has become a resource conservation, environmental protection, a new type of green packaging. Honeycomb machine box is the ideal packaging for Chinese exports. Its promotion and application, on the one hand can reduce the breakage of goods in the circulation process; the other hand, to replace the wooden box, conducive to environmental protection.

Honeycomb Machine First, the structure of the cellular machine, honeycomb machine produced by the honeycomb machine The structure of the honeycomb sandwich structure, which means that the use of the upper and lower two sheets of paper, in the middle of the honeycomb paper core, do a good adhesive after , There will be a good resistance and anti-bending ability.

Second, the honeycomb machine production of honeycomb machine manufacturing process is divided into five parts, the five parts are the paper roll, followed by honeycomb paper core stretch stereotypes, the next step is the paper core or tissue paper , And finally in the completion of cardboard composite molding and cardboard cutting.

Honeycomb Machine The work flow of the cellular machine can be divided into five parts, namely: the paper feeding part of the honeycomb machine, the honeycomb paper core stretch section, the honeycomb paper core coating part, the honeycomb machine cardboard composite part and the cutting part.

Honeycomb Machine Honeycomb machine's five workflows interlocking, so that the integration of the pipeline operation is greatly saved the production time, improve the efficiency and increase the economic efficiency of enterprises.

Honeycomb Machine In addition, the honeycomb machine produced by the cellular machine to absorb the "honeycomb structure," the unique characteristics, but also have a high strength, light weight, noise insulation features. "Honeycomb structure" not only in the cellular machine packaging has a very good use, but also in China's aerospace, building materials and other industries are has a very wide range of applications.

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