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Honeycomb Machine Environmental Protection And Pollution-free Pollution

1, pallet, honeycomb cardboard tray compared with wooden pallets, light weight, also has a higher strength, can be ordinary flat tray and one-sided tray, but also can be made of column tray structure.

Second, cushion liner, honeycomb cardboard honeycomb sandwich structure so that its buffering performance is superior to the corrugated cardboard, can use a comprehensive buffer or partial buffer form to protect the inside. Paper Tray

3, cartons, like corrugated cartons, Honeycomb Machine can be processed into cartons, but generally only with thinner honeycomb cardboard to make cartons.

Fourth, angular support, retaining ribs and other attachments, similar to cushion liner, honeycomb cardboard can be used as transport packaging parts of the angular braces and ribs, which is particularly suited to set packaging, play a protective role, reduce collision and friction, reduce breakage.

Material is light, the heavy, can be customized according to the size of the goods, specifications, mainly used in alternative transport wooden cases.

Compared with the performance of wooden cases, the buffering performance is 2~8 times, weight light 55%~75%. Combination of fast, provincial labor, exquisite workmanship, good sealing performance, and can save a lot of timber resources, is recognized internationally promoted the new environmentally friendly packaging products.

Honeycomb Carton Series products not only have the characteristics of extrusion, cushioning, strong shockproof, the box in the object has a good protection performance, and can be special treatment to achieve waterproof, moisture-proof effect. Can be used in the packaging industry, stone industry, home appliances, furniture, electronic communications, electromechanical machinery, apparel and other industries. Is the future international packaging materials application development trend.

Honeycomb carton with Honeycomb Machine stamping, cutting, paste made, cardboard interface paste paper to strengthen the angle, can be designed according to the actual needs of the integrated, modular (removable), integrated bottom-support, such as different configurations, more conducive to handling, handling.

Honeycomb Machine The main components of the new Honeycomb wallboard are: Roofing board, mesh frame board, floor board, Wallboard, profiled plate, etc. The outer ring with C-shaped steel skeleton, internal plus rib ribs, the entire plate-layer interior laying steel wire mesh, Honeycomb Machine the core material selection of lightweight foam concrete filled.

New Honeycomb wallboard roof board, grid plate: The first application in large span houses, stadiums, factories, warehouses of the roof construction works; floor boards: first applied to steel structure floors, structural floors, and steel beam welding, solid, and all good. Wall panel: The main application of exterior wall insulation wall construction, internal wall spacing plate, structure or steel structure wall construction works.

The new Honeycomb wallboard is also known as the medium-body plate, the product has the environmental protection and energy-saving pollution, lightweight, anti-seismic, fire, insulation, sound insulation, construction convenience remarkable strengths, since the market, much of the building materials Professor Love, has aroused many construction companies eager attention.

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