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Honeycomb Panel Lamination Machine Adhesive Strength, Anti-aging, Water Resistance

Honeycomb Panel Lamination Machine is a new type of building materials, with a better than ordinary natural stone impact resistance per square meter is only 8 to 11 kg, is the weight of ordinary natural stone 1/7, compressive strength is it Of the 3 to 5 times, completely overcome the natural stone weight, fragile and other defects, providing a more excellent performance and more widely used in the field of new generation of building materials. Ultra-thin stone honeycomb composite panel is simply put about 3mm ~ 5mm stone sheet and aluminum honeycomb substrate through the adhesive compound together, not only saves the stone and reduce the weight of the finished product, you can better reflect the stone effect in some There is a high demand for the building. However, due to the application of these materials in our country is not long, there is no large area used in building curtain wall decoration, so we should pay attention to not ordinary stone identification knowledge and physical and chemical indicators to determine the quality of composite panels, Professional testing agencies to detect, especially the bonding strength, anti-aging, water resistance and surface material and substrate deformation coefficient and other indicators.

Honeycomb Panel Lamination Machine board features:

1, light weight: stone honeycomb composite panel of the thinnest marble can only 3mm thick, transport to save a lot of cost, the building has the load limit of the case it is the best choice.

2, the strength increase: stone and aluminum honeycomb board composite, the bending, bending, shear strength was significantly improved, reducing the transport, installation, use the process of breaking rate.

3, anti-pollution ability to improve: ordinary marble in the installation process or after the use of the process, six months or a year later, the marble surface a variety of discoloration and stains. Stone honeycomb composite plate back bolt dry hanging to avoid the metal pendant and stone connection glue pollution.

4, easier to control the color: the marble composite board is 1m2 of the original board cut into 3 or 4 into a 3m2 or 4m2. This 3,4m2 pattern and color almost 100% of the same, and thus easier to ensure that a large area of use, the color and pattern of consistency.

5, easy to install: With the above characteristics, in the installation process, easy installation, improve efficiency and safety.

6, sound insulation, moisture: aluminum honeycomb panels and marble made of composite panels, because of its hexagonal hexagonal made of hollow aluminum bees have sound insulation, moisture, heat, cold performance. Thus, these features far beyond the ordinary marble plate does not have the performance characteristics.

7, reduce costs: the stone composite thinner, in the transport and installation have reduced the cost, but also for the more expensive stone varieties, made after the composite board to varying degrees than the original plate of the finished product price is low.

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