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Honeycomb Panel Lamination Machine To Ensure That The Surface Smooth Without Wrinkles

Honeycomb Panel Lamination Machine (honeycomb panel composite machine) mainly through the upper and lower conveyor belt to pass the temperature, pressure, two or more materials will be combined into the hot and pressure. The machine integrates the contact heating and cooling system, the composite material is heated uniformly, and the material is cooled before leaving the upper and lower presses. Depending on the length of the heating zone, the material will be perfectly adhered and have a good bond firmly, with a uniform gap and precise spacing adjustment to ensure that the surface is flat without wrinkles. Widely used in a viscous resin with a non-woven fabric, by controlling the temperature, speed and pressure to make their own adhesion of a planar heating composite equipment. Can be used to achieve continuous work, but also small batch test production.

As the plane complex machine work load is large, it should be effective on a regular basis to do maintenance, but also should be changed to a good machine work environment. First of all to ensure that the complex machine work in a clean environment, as far as possible so that the complex machine away from dust;

At the same time, it should be ensured that the working environment of the composite machine is relatively dry and can not be wet, and do not place too much items on the panel of the composite machine to avoid the impact of the environment or foreign matter on the copier. Also be careful not to place hard objects around the machine or the fuselage, especially metal like a paper clip or a pushpin. Once these metals fall into the compound machine, the internal parts of the multifunctional machine will be scratched, and the metal will be exposed to the working circuit board, resulting in a short circuit in the copier's internal electronic components.

In addition, in the use of the process, whether in the plug the power supply, cable, or remove jams, etc., must be cut off the complex machine power before they can operate, live operation will cause current shock, it is easy to breakdown Composite circuit board.

Do not use chemical solvents, do not use the texture of the hard cloth, to clean the complex inside the machine dust, shredding, smudge, do not use a similar paper such as tissue paper to clean the copier Internal, so as not to leave the paper in the complex machine.

In addition to step by step in accordance with the correct operation of the complex machine, but also need to use and set the correct. Properly placed copy of the paper, not only can guarantee the normal printing, but also can effectively eliminate the copier jam phenomenon.

In use, the user should follow the instructions in the copy paper in the input tray, to ensure that the machine is not in use during the paper, while the copy paper placed in the input tray, pay attention to the position of the flat, and to ensure that Do not put the paper too full, and the input tray guide rail should be transferred to the same width as paper.

In addition, when using the copier, do not close the copier directly, but should be in about 40 minutes, to determine the copy task, the switch machine power off. This can achieve the purpose of saving power, and to ensure that the complex machine will not be frequent start.

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