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Honeycomb Wallboard Machine Light Quality, High Strength, Low Cost, Good Buffering Performance

Honeycomb Wallboard Machine using the bionic principle, the theory of honeycomb structure used in packaging materials, with a minimum of material consumption, building a solid honeycomb structure, so that Honeycomb Wallboard Machine and its products both rugged and cushioning performance, has become today's very development potential of environmentally friendly packaging materials, and corrugated board, wood and plastic compared to the advantages of irreplaceable. Honeycomb Wallboard Machine with paper, 1 tons of honeycomb cardboard can replace the 30-50m³ wood, while the cost of only one-third of the wood. The pallet made of Honeycomb Wallboard Machine has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, low cost, good buffering performance, etc., making cushioning material, which can replace EPS foamed plastics, eliminate white pollution and protect natural environment, is a kind of new-type material which accords with the requirement of 21st century development.

In recent years, with the deep understanding of the excellent performance and environmental protection characteristics of Honeycomb Wallboard Machine, it is gradually regarded as an important packaging material of our country's industrial products, its manufacturing technology, equipment level, market development and application have made great strides in China's packaging, building materials, furniture and other industries have been more and more widely used.

Honeycomb Wallboard Machine production process (bonding molding process) There are 3 kinds of main forms: single operation, unit operation and production linkage line. Single-machine operation in our country some small-scale honeycomb products factory still adopt, its production efficiency is low, product quality is difficult to stabilize, only suitable for the production of smaller manufacturers. At present, Honeycomb Wallboard Machine production line has become the mainstream of China's Honeycomb Wallboard Machine industry production technology, Honeycomb Wallboard Machine production line is made of honeycomb core paper manufacturing equipment, Honeycomb Wallboard Machine manufacturing equipment, paper cutting machine and other parts. Honeycomb Wallboard Machine production line is generally divided into two major processes, the first process is the manufacture of honeycomb-shaped hexagonal structure core paper; The second procedure is to make Honeycomb Wallboard Machine on the top and bottom of the core paper, and the quality level of Honeycomb Wallboard Machine and post-processing is an important link to ensure the quality of honeycomb products.

Honeycomb Wallboard Machine manufacturing production line is generally composed of 7 single machine: Put paper rack, honeycomb core paper stretching dryer, honeycomb core paper glue machine, honeycomb cardboard laminating machine, longitudinal cutting machine, transverse cutting machines and electric control cabinets. The paper rack is generally 2 units, which are supplied with the above paper and the following paper respectively. The honeycomb core paper made by the first process enters the honeycomb core paper stretching dryer, and the honeycomb core paper is stretched into a hexagonal mesh, which is shaped by the setting device. After drying and shaping, enter the Gelatinize machine, and then into the Honeycomb board laminating machine (equivalent to the corrugated board production line of the double-sided machine). Surface paper and core paper after drying machine heating and drying into the compound machine, in the compound machine in the paper and core paper and honeycomb core paper closely, in the heating and pressurization process drying and composite into Honeycomb Wallboard Machine. Made of Honeycomb Wallboard Machine into the longitudinal cutting machine and transverse cutting machines (equivalent to the corrugated board production line of the vertical cutting machine and slitting), as required to cut into the required size.

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