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Honeycomb Wallboard Machine Simple And Quick

Honeycomb Wallboard Machine are made of firewood and honeycomb paper core, which replaces red brick, hollow brick, filling brick, grc bar and so on. Processing of light weight wall empty stock cracks, construction costs, not anti-corrosion and other problems, is set fire, moisture, earthquake, environmental protection in one of the composite sandwich wall, fire retardant paper honeycomb composite light wall products Features.

Energy saving

Honeycomb composite wall of the thermal conductivity of <0.15W / m.K, with excellent insulation function, is the preferred choice of energy-saving partition wall materials.

2. Light weight

Honeycomb composite wall board weighs only 22-23kg / ㎡, the user can be in the structural design to reduce the total investment in the project, save a lot of steel, add floor height, more reasonable and useful use of area and material costs, and clay brick , Hollow brick, filling blocks, and other light data comparison, can save the project cost of 15-20%.

3. Wall structure

Lighting, air conditioning, closed circuit antenna, lighting lines can be prefabricated in the wall or installation process embedded in the process, and the wall is based on user requirements size specifications produced, the installation process is simple and quick. Light wall dry construction, the installation of the end after the direct putty, brush paint or paste the decorative materials directly, than other wall construction can save about 30% of the duration.

4. The wall does not crack

The quick installation method and construction features of the light wall board ensure that the appearance of the wall is flat, the invariance is good, no deformation and no cracking.

5. Add the construction area

90mm thickness of the light wall of the sound insulation, insulation results equivalent to 240mm thickness of solid brick, can not add the construction area under the premise of adding 35% of the use of the area, so that investors benefit.

6. Excellent moisture protection function

Moisture-proof wall panels are made of moisture-proof honeycomb core material and special waterproof composite adhesive. The panel is made of waterproof cement board or calcium silicate board. It has excellent waterproof function, light calcium silicate board appearance You can paste tiles, marble and other surface material, and has not scattered, decorative hanging strong and so on

7. Excellent sound insulation

Because the honeycomb core material is a hexagonal cavity structure, it has a superior sound absorption function, which makes the sound into the cavity through the refraction, attenuation and other physical processes, reducing the sound transmission of energy, thus reaching the sound insulation results. With a thickness of 90mm, the panel single layer thickness of 8mm wall board as an example, single-layer structure sound insulation index of 42 decibels, double-layer structure sound insulation index of 54 decibels (up to 57 decibels), is the current light wall board One of the best lightweight walls under the same thickness dimension.

8. fire

Because the appearance of honeycomb light wall panels is made of inorganic plates such as cement board, glass magnesium board, silicon calcium board, gypsum board, its filling information is through the addition of flame retardants in pulp, moisture-proof agent, So it has excellent fire protection function. Inspection by the National Fire Detection Center, fire resistance greater than 1.5 hours, beyond the domestic standard specifications of light wall.

9. Environmental protection

Because honeycomb light wall board is selected by the information are non-toxic, tasteless, non-radioactive environmental information, combined with family housing, public equipment, one of the best wall materials. Light honeycomb wall panels by the national building materials testing as A-level products, its production and marketing and transportation, installation, free from environmental geography, time constraints, throughout the country can be installed throughout the country.

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