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Pallet Machine Automatic Warehouse

Pallet Machine 2 to the fork or 4 to the choice of fork

Due to the lateral width of the conveyor equipment, if the 2-way into the fork with 1100 X 1100mm, if the 4-way into the fork is selected 1100 X 1100mm or 1100 X 1200mm which can be.

Pallet Machine For automatic machinery and equipment such as automatic storage for 2-point support, it is better to consider 2 from the high strength.

· Pallet Machine For the long-term use of wooden pallets, easy to repair the 2-way fork is better.

Therefore, to be able to repair long-term use, the choice of strong 2-way into the fork, no longer re-use of the selection of the lighter 4 into the poor no problem.

Pallet Machine The pad-shaped 4-way fork (pallet machine) is less expensive than the 2-way fork, and the raw material is low in cost, but the shape is complicated and the manufacturing cost is improved.

· Pallet Machine Considering, 2 is better.

· Pallet Machine Automatic warehouse because of the use of two support, with the truss support 2 to the fork into the solid, safe.

Pallet Machine Tray size for transport equipment

The size of shipping equipment such as shipping containers and trucks is regulated by ISO or some national standards. Its lateral width of about 2300mm.

In the horizontal if placed a tray machine, the trust size is too large, loading and unloading difficulties, should be placed 2 columns.

· Pallet Machine Considering the width of the width of 2300mm placed two columns, and the gap required for operation, the use of 2200mm is divided into two parts of the size of more appropriate.

Pallet Machine According to the above principle, taking into account the width is 2300mm, for the container tray size is 1100 X 1100mm (2 out) or 1000X1200mm (vertical and horizontal assembly).

· Pallet Machine In the length direction, because the length is several times the width of the width, the length of the tray on the placement of little impact, you can not consider.

Pallet Machine From the horizontal suitability, 1100 X 1100mm to 2 into the fork, 4 into the fork are applicable, and 1000 X 1200mm can only be 4 into the fork As the tray is rectangular, can only use the square fork put.

Both sides and single choice

Pallet Machine According to what kind of loading and unloading handling equipment, or automatic warehouse, pallet machine shelves, plot, flat and other storage status to decide whether to use single or double.

For the small area of small shelves, mainly to the vertical transport of the occasion, mainly to forklift truck loading and unloading, so both sides can be single.

Pallet Machine For the area of large square freight yard, the level of transport-based occasions, if the use of manual tray locomotive is single-sided, if the use of self-propelled pallet truck truck with the following no slab-type tray machine. Pallet Machine There is also a multi-stage stacking machine with a pallet machine palletizer. The tray and the lower part of the pallet are overlapped with each other.

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