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Pallet Machine Greatly Improved The Work Performance

Pallet Machine The product is related to the further development of the double push plate push sorter, which is twice the performance of a single tray push sorter. The sorting range is also greater, from 0.1 g to 25 kg, from 50 x 70 x 20 (mm) to 780 x 580 x 500 (mm). A machine is suitable for handling a large number of products up to 26,600 units per hour. It is probably like this: a carrier is equipped with a propeller,Pallet Machine the propeller at a right angle gently put a variety of products pushed to a gathering area. These products are sorted according to the pre-set conditions of the customer. The product that is pushed out can be quickly loaded into a box or bag, or repacked at the packing station.

This dual tray push sorter greatly improves work performance by installing two propellers on a single carrier and can operate independently. Each propeller can simply push the product out, or synchronize large items. So, it can sort two small items or one big item at a time. Compared with the cross-belt sorter and the tilting tray sorter, the double tray push sorter has a higher footprint advantage because its exit is narrower,Pallet Machine which means that the same amount of shipments it occupies more space Small, or in the same footprint, it can also create multiple additional exports.

The innovative product uses a unique patented design for a wide range of product sizes to meet the needs of users with high throughput and high flexibility, especially for postal, retail, electricity and electronics industries.

1, according to customer requirements, the device design maximum welding area of 1.8 m × 1.5 m, the cold mold and hot die bolts connected to the device moving plate,Pallet Machine the cold mold with roller structure, the side with pneumatic positioning Structure, easy to automatically locate the workpiece, automatically removed. Electrical, pneumatic connections were used quick plug plug mode,Pallet Machine for mold convenient, fast, save time and so on.

2, for mold mode: manual replacement mold. The upper mold and the hot mold adopt the whole modular structure, easy disassembly and disassembly; the lower cold mold fixed fixture adopts the adjustable structure.

3, the equipment structure: the whole frame for the frame structure, the cover is equipped with switch-type door frame, easy to replace the mold and equipment maintenance.

4, the transmission part: the transmission part of all linear guide, to ensure smooth operation of equipment, high accuracy. Cylinder as a power source.

5, electronic control part: equipment, electrical control system using PLC control, Chinese display touch screen.

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