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Pallet Machine Management And Maintenance Of Automatic Sorting System

Pallet Machine is a widely used model, it is mainly composed of pallet trolley, driving device, traction device and so on. Pallet trolley has a variety of forms, there are flat pallet trolley, U-shaped pallet trolley, cross belt pallet trolley and so on.

The biggest feature of the sorting system is the rapid and accurate classification of the materials on the conveyor line. Using a laser scanner or visual system can read the bar code to send the material information to the controller (PLC), the material to the designated area of the drum automatic drive to separate the material transmission.

Precision High Speed sorting

Tilt Pallet Machine is made up of pallets that can be rotated at the correct shipping ports. The goods will slide from the tilt pallet into the shipping port. The inclined pallet type sorter ensures the precise speed of the sorting process.

Tilt Pallet Machine is suitable for most goods, such as clothes and bags. The size of the pallet determines the specifications of the goods to be used by the sorting machine. Tilt Pallet Machine is especially suitable for the case with an arc-shaped path or an inclined surface.

Main Features

1, can be continuous, high-volume sorting of goods. As a result of the use of large production line automatic operation, automatic sorting system is not subject to climate, time, human physical constraints, can be run continuously, at the same time due to automatic sorting system units of the number of sorting, so the sorting ability of automatic sorting system is continuous operation of more than 100 hours, Each hour can be sorted 7,000 pieces of packaging goods, such as the use of manual can only be sorted 150 pieces per hour, at the same time the sorting personnel can not work under this labor intensity for 8 hours continuously.

2. The error rate of sorting is very low. The sorting error rate of automatic sorting system mainly depends on the accuracy of the input sorting information. This also depends on the input mechanism of sorting information, if the use of artificial keyboard or speech recognition mode input, the error rate of more than 3%, such as the use of barcode scanning input, unless the bar code printing itself error, otherwise there will be no error. Therefore, the current automatic sorting system mainly uses barcode technology to identify goods.

3. The basic realization of the sorting operation is unmanned. One of the purposes of establishing an automatic sorting system is to reduce the use of personnel, reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve the efficiency of personnel use, so automatic sorting system can minimize the use of personnel, the basic to achieve unmanned. The sorting job itself does not require the use of personnel, the use of personnel is limited to the following work:

(1), delivery vehicles arrived at the automatic sorting line at the end of the purchase, by manual delivery.

(2), the operation of the manual control sorting system.

(3), the end of the sorting line by the manual will be sorted out of the goods set, loading.

(4), the operation, management and maintenance of automatic sorting system.

Automatic sorting system is generally composed of control device, classification device, conveying device and sorting crossing.

1, the role of the control device is to identify, receive and process the sorting signal, according to the requirements of the sorting signal to indicate the classification device, according to commodity varieties, by the delivery of goods to the location or according to the category of the owner of the goods automatically classified. These sorting needs can be done in different ways, such as barcode scanning, color code scanning, keyboard input, weight detection, speech recognition, height detection and shape recognition, etc., input into the sorting control system, according to these sorting signals to determine which one of the goods to enter the sorting crossing.

2, the role of the classification device is based on the control device issued by the sorting instructions, when the same sorting signal of goods through the device, the device action, so that the change in the conveying device running direction into other conveyors or into the sorting crossing. There are many kinds of classification devices, generally have the introduction, surfaced, tilt and branch types, different devices on the sorting of goods packaging materials, packaging weight, the smoothness of the bottom surface of the packaging has not exactly the same requirements.

3. The main component of the conveying device is the conveyor belt or conveyor, its main role is to make the goods to be sorted through the control device, classification device, and the two sides of the conveying device, generally to connect a number of sorting crossings, so that the classification of commodities slide down the main conveyor (or main conveyor belt) for subsequent operations.

4, the sorting crossing is the goods separated from the main conveyor (or main conveyor belt) into the cargo area of the channel, generally by the steel belt, belt, roller and other components of the chute, so that the goods from the main conveyor to the Assembly platform, where the staff will be the intersection of all the goods centralized or storage, or group loading and distribution operations.

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