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Pallet Machine Reducing Unnecessary Losses During Transport

The rapid development of modern science and technology, transport industry is also trying to do mechanization and automation, to minimize labor costs.

In all types of Pallet Machines, plastic pallets are ideal for transporting mechanization and automation.

Plastic Pallet Machine production process is simple, strong plasticity. The standardization and mass production of plastic Pallet Machines is the best of all types of Pallet Machines. Standard, mass production of plastic pallets, so that the goods stacked more orderly, you can save more transportation space, a transport more goods.

Plastic pallet standard stacking also enables the loading and unloading of goods to achieve the mechanization of plastic Pallet Machines can adapt to the working principle of loading and unloading machines, loading and unloading car drivers can only sit in the cab operation to complete the loading and unloading, no longer like the previous people rely on human handling.

Plastic pallet for the protection of the goods is in place, the use of plastic pallets in the transport of very little damage, and in the past human handling will be due to various human factors shipping problems, plastic Pallet Machine transport to reduce the unnecessary loss of transport.

Plastic Pallet Machine loaded the number of goods is a certain, so greatly facilitate the counting of goods work.

The tilting Pallet Machine sorter is made up of Pallet Machines that can be rotated in the correct outlet. The goods will slide from the tilting Pallet Machine to the outlet. The tilting Pallet Machine sorter ensures accurate high speed of the sorting process.

Tilt Pallet Machine sorter for most goods, such as clothes and luggage. The size of the Pallet Machine determines the specifications of the goods to which the sorter applies. The tilting Pallet Machine sorter is particularly suitable for applications with an arc type path or an inclined surface.

1, can be continuous, large quantities of sorting cargo. Due to the automatic operation of the assembly line used in the large production, the automatic sorting system can be operated continuously without being limited by the weather, time, and the person's physical strength. At the same time, the automatic sorting system has a large number of picking units per unit time The system's sorting capacity is continuous operation for more than 100 hours, can be sorted per hour 7000 kinds of packaged goods, such as the use of labor per hour can only sorting about 150, while sorting personnel can not be continuous in this labor intensity Work for 8 hours.

2, sorting error rate is very low. The size of the sorting error rate of the automatic sorting system depends mainly on the accuracy of the input sorting information, which in turn depends on the input mechanism of the sorting information. If the manual error is input using the manual keyboard or voice recognition mode, Or more, such as the use of bar code scanning input, unless the bar code printing itself is wrong, otherwise no error. Therefore, the current automatic sorting system mainly uses bar code technology to identify the goods.

3, sorting operations basically achieved unmanned. One of the purposes of the automatic sorting system is to reduce the use of personnel, reduce the labor intensity of the workers and improve the efficiency of the staff, so the automatic sorting system can minimize the use of personnel, basically unmanned. The sorting operation itself does not require the use of personnel, the use of personnel is limited to the following work:

(1), delivery vehicles arrived at the automatic sorting line of the purchase side, by the artificial receipt.

(2), by manual control of the sorting system.

(3), sorting line by the end of the manual sorted out of the goods set loading, loading.

(4), automatic sorting system management, management and maintenance.

Automatic sorting system generally by the control device, sorting device, conveyor and sorting channel composition.

1, the role of the control device is: to identify, receive and process the sorting signal, according to the requirements of the sorting signal to indicate the classification device,Pallet Machine according to the variety of goods, according to the goods delivery site or by the owner of the category of goods automatically classified. These sorting requirements can be entered in a sorting control system by means of bar code scanning, color code scanning, keyboard input, weight detection, speech recognition, height detection and shape recognition, etc., depending on the sorting Signal judgment, to determine which kind of goods to enter which sorting crossing.

2, the function of the sorting device is such that when the goods having the same sorting signal pass through the device according to the sorting instruction issued by the control means, the device is actuated to change the direction of operation on the conveyor means into other conveyors or Pick the mouth. There are many types of sorting devices, generally there are push, floating, tilted and branched several,Pallet Machine different devices on the sorting of packaging materials, packaging weight, the smoothness of the bottom of the packaging, etc. are not exactly the same requirements The

3, the main part of the conveyor is a conveyor belt or conveyor, its main role is: to sort the goods through the control device, sorting device, and transport devices on both sides, generally connected to a number of sorting pass, The class of goods slides down the main conveyor (or main conveyor) for subsequent operations.

4, sorting crossing is: sorted goods from the main conveyor (or main conveyor belt) into the collection area of the channel, generally by the steel belt, belt, roller and other components of the slide, so that the goods from the main conveyor to the goods The station,Pallet Machine where the staff will be the intersection of all the goods after the concentration or storage storage, or group of vehicles and distribution operations.

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