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Paper Honeycomb Process Machine Curing Degree Consistency, Density Uniformity

Paper Honeycomb Process Machine is a bionic honeycomb core made of poly (m-phenylene terephthalamide) fiber paper. It has high specific strength, high rigidity, outstanding corrosion resistance and self-extinguishing, excellent environmental resistance and Insulation, unique resilience and shock absorption, good magnetic permeability and high temperature stability, excellent process and field repair and many other excellent features. Paper Honeycomb Process Machine is an important material for high-end equipment lightweight, a large number of applications used in aircraft, ships, high-speed trains and other fields, such as Boeing 787 structural components on the amount of carveda up to 25% of the body structure, and all the interior Are applied Paper Honeycomb Process Machine; Airbus A380 on the floor and other parts also use Paper Honeycomb Process Machine.

First, the manufacture of honeycomb block problems and advanced manufacturing concepts

The same time as the above-

Paper Honeycomb Process Machine manufacturing technology determines the quality of the honeycomb. The quality of the market is uneven, the product is ubiquitous: quality is unstable: the degree of solidification is inconsistent, the honeycomb core deformation is large, the lattice is irregular, the product density deviation is large; the production efficiency is low and the product pass rate is low and the cost is high; The loss of resin and solvent in the production process affects occupational hygiene and causes environmental pollution. Does not meet the production requirements of modern industrial products.

The same time as the above-

In order to solve the above problems, the advanced concept of honeycomb cell manufacturing is put forward. The digital manufacturing technology is used to control the whole physical field of the manufacturing process. The advanced exhaust gas incineration technology is used to collect the exhaust gas of each equipment and concentrate the incineration. Claim.

The same time as the above-

In order to improve the utilization of materials and equipment capacity, honeycomb block design using 2620mm long × 1350mm wide × 914mm high.

1. honeycomb cell unit manufacturing advanced concept

In the Paper Honeycomb Process Machine stereotypes, dipping, purification, drying and curing process, the general process of the object is the whole of the honeycomb, and its connotation did not do in-depth study, brought a lot of problems. Different from the traditional method, the honeycomb cells should be used as the unit forming process principle, to ensure that the honeycomb cells required process conditions, so that each honeycomb cells in the process to enjoy the same physical environment. In the interface between the honeycomb block and the above process flow model, the two ends of the honeycomb block are connected to the air and liquid circulation system, so that the circulating medium flows through each honeycomb cell to ensure that each honeycomb cell is immersed, purified and heated Of the uniform consistency, to ensure the consistency of the above processes processing. In order to solve the consistency of curing degree, density uniformity, pore size and reduce the deformation of the honeycomb block lay the theoretical basis.

The same time as the above-

2. Full physical field characterization and control of advanced technology

The same time as the above-

According to the manufacturing concept of honeycomb cell as the unit, the physical field (viscosity field, wind field, temperature field, tension field, etc.) of the space area through which the honeycomb block passes is characterized and controlled.

The same time as the above-

(1) Viscosity field

Through the circulation system on the viscosity of the resin uniform treatment, the use of on-line viscosity, liquid surface monitoring, to achieve viscosity and liquid level control to ensure that the coating or honeycomb impregnation process resin viscosity and glue tank surface stability, to ensure that every The viscosity of each glue strip of each honeycomb impregnated or transferred is consistent.

The same time as the above-

(2) wind field

In the purification, shaping, drying and curing of the honeycomb, the uniformity of the wind field directly affects the effect of the solvent evaporation, heating and cooling involved in the forming process. It is necessary to focus on how to solve the honeycomb The method of access to the wind field and the uniformity and stability of the wind speed of the wind field control the technology to meet the requirements of purification, shaping, drying and curing of each honeycomb process.

The same time as the above-

(3) temperature field

On the basis of the control of the air flow in the wind field of the honeycomb through the wind field as the carrier, the cold air and hot air matching and mixing methods are fully studied so that the airflow temperature entering each honeycomb cell is the same, The temperature of the process of cooling the middle of the temperature overshoot, so that the temperature rise or cooling process temperature curve to achieve smooth, to ensure that the Paper Honeycomb Process Machine forming process curing degree of consistency, to meet the various processes in the honeycomb cells and honeycomb block shape regularity Claim.

The same time as the above-

(4) Tension field

The tension of the honeycomb paper during the coating process will affect the paper's unwinding, strip and pitch size, paper deformation, running speed and winding quality, and has a significant impact on the shape and productivity of the honeycomb. For the large-scale coating machine is more significant, so the uniformity of the tension field is one of the key technologies in the coating process. In the process of planning the tension of the various regions of the planning and design of the speed, tension, roll diameter and other parameters to achieve precise control, so that the process of rolling tension, feed traction tension, material traction tension and winding tension uniformity Stability requirements.

The same time as the above-

(5) honeycomb porosity tensile deformation resistance

The stress homogenization treatment of the end of the honeycomb block during the stretching process, the stress homogenization treatment of the honeycomb block and the coordination method of the honeycomb porosity deformation and the tensile force coordination and the corresponding technological measures are carried out to realize the effect of the honeycomb Lattice deformation resistance control, so that each Paper Honeycomb Process Machine in the stretch forming process evenly, the lattice size is accurate, the manufacture of honeycomb block (2620mm long × 1350mm wide × 914mm high) shape hexagonal regular.

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