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Paper Honeycomb Process Machine High Strength, Compression, Thermal Insulation Performance

Paper Honeycomb Process Machine, as its name implies its shape structure for the natural bee built honeycomb, and it is well known that all the natural honeycombs are hexagonal, its structure shown in Figure 1. As early as the fourth century AD in ancient Greece, mathematician Pei Bozi put forward the "honeycomb conjecture", that is, a hexagonal hexagonal honeycomb is the least amount of beeswax built. And then many facts and theories have proved that the "honeycomb conjecture" correctness: bees built honeycomb with the least beeswax, possession of the largest space area, and its structural stability is the best.

The long-term research and analysis of the nature of the natural Paper Honeycomb Process Machine found that, compared with other structures of the same material, the Paper Honeycomb Process Machine has excellent spatial geometry and excellent mechanical properties, in addition to low density, light weight, high rigidity , Than the high strength, compression, heat dissipation and good impact resistance and other excellent performance. Because of the excellent performance of the Paper Honeycomb Process Machine, it can be used to develop new materials, new products, improve the application of existing materials performance, to solve many structural design problems, therefore, the cellular structure in aerospace, radar Satellite, rocket missiles, automobile ships and rail transportation and other fields have been widely used.

However, due to the particularity of the Paper Honeycomb Process Machine, coupled with the increase in the requirements of the Paper Honeycomb Process Machine (eg, complex structure honeycomb, complex face honeycomb, etc.) in various fields, the processing technology of the Paper Honeycomb Process Machine becomes a major problem, thus exploring the advanced structure of the Paper Honeycomb Process Machine Processing technology has become the focus of research. The main consideration of the processing technology is honeycomb material, holding method and processing method 3 categories, the following three categories of Paper Honeycomb Process Machine of the processing technology to analyze the status quo.

In general, honeycomb in accordance with its composition materials can be divided into metal honeycomb, paper-based honeycomb, polymer honeycomb, wooden honeycomb and ceramic honeycomb 5 categories. In the field of aerospace applications especially metal honeycomb and paper-based honeycomb-based.

The so-called metal honeycomb is made of metal material Paper Honeycomb Process Machine material, in general, can meet any of the mechanical processing requirements of metal materials prepared honeycomb. At present in the field of aerospace applications are the most aluminum-based honeycomb and titanium honeycomb. Because aluminum and titanium and its alloys are of low density, high specific strength, high rigidity, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, made of honeycomb material not only has the material itself has excellent performance, but also has a honeycomb material with The excellent structure and mechanical properties. Therefore, the scope of application of metal honeycomb covers almost every industrial sector, especially in the pursuit of high-speed, light, isolated (sound, light, heat, etc.) and other industries.

The most typical and most widely used paper-based honeycomb for the aramid honeycomb, that is, NOMEX honeycomb. The cell was developed by DuPont in 1972 and developed KOREX honeycomb with better mechanical properties before and after 1992, after changing the molecular structure of aramid and improving the manufacturing process. NOMEX honeycombs have many excellent properties, in addition to the Paper Honeycomb Process Machine of the density of small, impact resistance, pressure and other characteristics, there are many other features (such as: 9 times the specific strength of steel, specific stiffness; outstanding fatigue and Energy-saving; excellent isolation performance, for sound, light, heat and electricity, etc. have a good isolation; good self-extinguishing, generally more difficult than polymer, and ignited after leaving the fire will self-extinguishing; In addition, there are chemical stability, good electromagnetic wave penetration, etc.). Because NOMEX honeycomb has the above excellent performance, so it has been in the field of important applications in the field (such as used in aircraft flaps, front and rear edge, tail and rudder, satellite fairing, fighter radar cover and radar antenna, aircraft , Ships and rail transport, such as the inner wall panels, flooring and luggage racks, etc.).

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