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Paper Honeycomb Process Machine Strong Stability, Good Pressure

Paper Honeycomb Process Machine is easy to use when there are six problems, the following six methods for compensators, expansion joints and other product considerations, unreasonable selection or wrong selection will damage the equipment, resulting in irreversible loss. Paper Honeycomb Process Machine common problems are as follows: 1, Paper Honeycomb Process Machine selection error. 2, contrary to the two fixed stent can only be set between a expansion of the principle. 3, the transformation of the old steam pipeline 4, wave expansion section selection error. 5, to withstand the pressure of the blind body of the ear frame of the weld must be full of welding and penetration, should be the strength of accounting, in the actual operation of such weld quality or lack of strength of the accident example occur. 6, for the sulfide-containing medium, the expansion of the design should consider the operating environment temperature changes, especially in cold areas of the pipeline, expansion joints should take external insulation measures to avoid the bellows surface temperature is too low, resulting in dew point corrosion.

Paper Honeycomb Process Machine is a unique structural process, which is a famous representative of bionics. Is based on honey honeycomb to produce a strong stability, good pressure, good buffer of a paper products.

Honeycomb paperboard production process management of very weight, which can often affect the honeycomb cardboard pass rate and quality of good or bad. So we must set the inspection process on the spot. And arrange inspectors to conduct inspections.

Inspection is the inspection staff in the production site by a certain time interval on the process of product quality flow inspection. Completed inspection It is a batch of processed products after the completion of the inspection, mainly refers to the products between the various processes. The finished product inspection is the last test before the honeycomb paperboard product reaches the user's hand.

Honeycomb paperboard production process once found unqualified products, there should be timely corrective measures. According to the production requirements to re-develop the production process. Leading the quality to a qualified path. The quality assurance is the life of the cellular cardboard business.

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