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Three-dimensional Pinch Applications And Installation

It is a three-dimensional pinch plate using environmentally friendly composite material. It can fire water, it has a three-dimensional effect, very easy to cut, installation is very easy, so in many places has its applications. Here to tell you three pinch main application.

Pinch can be applied to three-dimensional decorative outdoor backdrop, it can also be used outdoors doorway, signs or billboards and so on. Not only in the three-dimensional pinch outdoor room for development, and even interior has its presence.

To create three-dimensional super-dimensional decorative style backdrop. Status of domestic refined backdrop for industry, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, developed by a new generation of three-dimensional innovation backdrop decorative material - a three-dimensional pinch, pinch is a three-dimensional substrate for pc plastic alloy materials, mechanical assembly line, three-dimensional background wall brand of similar products to overcome the technical problems and performance deficiencies.

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